Virtual Faculty Lounge

Welcome to Southern Adventist University’s Virtual Faculty Lounge.

Who is on

· All full-time faculty members
· All part-time faculty members
· Central administration 

What is for?

· Collegial discussions
· Idea sharing
· Virtual mentoring
· Pedagogical discussions
· Academic announcements of general interest
· Requests for advice
· Collaboration
· Telling colleagues about teaching initiatives that worked for you and why
· Telling colleagues about teaching initiatives that didn’t work for you and why
· Sharing or seeking teaching resources 

What is Faculty-net not for?

· Selling stuff (please use u-net for that)
· Forwarding stories, urban legends, or pictures not relating to Southern Adventist University
· Discussing students, faculty, or administrators by name

Fine Print Information:
Faculty-net is an unmoderated site. What you send is what is posted just as you sent it. Your postings may be seen by all subscribers.

This site is for mutual support and professional development. Only members may post to this site.
Use it freely, but please use it responsibly and to strengthen teaching and learning in our academic community.

Faculty-net is a resource of Southern Adventist University. In order to maintain its availability, please:

1. Be respectful.
2. Keep the communications collegial and professional.
3. Protect the privacy of students and colleagues.
4. Be constructive.

Abuse of this resource may result in the removal of an individual from the mailing list or may result in the removal of the resource.