Archaeology Resources for Elementary Students

Archaeologists Dig for Clues (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out, Science 2) 

By Kate Duke, author/illustrator.

Archaeologists on a dig work very much like detectives at a crime scene. Every chipped rock, charred seed, or fossilized bone could be a clue to how people lived in the past. In this information-packed Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science book, Kate Duke explains what scientists are looking for, how they find it, and what their finds reveal. Collins, 1996. Paperback, 32 pages, $5.99. ISBN: 978-0064451758. Grades 1-4.

Archaeology for Kids: Uncovering the Mysteries of Our Past, 25 Activities

By Richard Panchyk.

Chapter 4 focuses on Sumeria, Babylon and Egypt and Chapter 5 covers Greece and Rome. Helpful resources: how to identify civilizations from their remains, the invention of writing, a seriation game (how to put things in date order), early commerce, basic pottery classification, how to build a screen for sifting artifacts, a stratigraphy game, how to make a simple oil lamp, how to find the circumference of an artifact, and how to preserve artifacts. Includes glossary, web sites for further exploration, and bibliography. Chicago Review Press, 2001. Illus. ed. paperback, 150 pages, $14.95. ISBN: 978-1556523953. Grades 5-9.

Crossroads in Time

By Sally Dillon and Glen Milam.

Includes puzzles, cut-outs, mazes, word-finds, and other activities. Paperback, 32 pages. $6.99, sale $0.99. ISBN: 978-0-943872-73-5. Grades 1-4.

DIG Magazine

Dig magazine subscriptions: 1 year (9 issues, 33.95. Back issues, 6.95. Dig magazine's website is filled with archaeological information and activities for kids.

Dig This! How Archaeologists Uncover Our Past

Dig This! by Michael Avi-Yonah

(part of The Buried Worlds series) shows readers how archaeologists do their work.Topics covered include: history of the discipline, examination of excavating methods, and a look at several ancient civilizations. It includes black-and-white and crisp color photographs. Other titles in the series include Fired Up! (pottery making) and Piece by Piece (making mosaics). Runestone Press, 1993. Hardcover, 64 pages. ISBN: 978-0822532002. Grades 5-8.

Exploring Ancient Cities of the Bible

Michael W. Carroll, author, and Caroline Carroll, illustrator.

This book is out of print, but if you can find a copy, you'll discover it to be a valuable resource. Faith Kidz (Cook), 2001. Hardcover, 48 pages. ISBN: 978-0781436953. Grades 4-7.

Eyewitness: Archaeology

By Jane McIntosh, PhD.

Get a quick overview of the world's great civilizations with these superb, full-color photographs of bronzes, buildings, paintings, and pottery. Dorling Kindersley, New York, 1994, hardcover, 64 pages. ISBN 0-7894-5864-0. Grades 4-7.

Measurement Game

Guide Magazine, July 20, 2002, p. 8. (Webmaster: Uses codes. See if we can get permission to put this on the site.) Grades 5-8.

Underground Secrets Series

By Michael Hasel, PhD

Dr. Hasel, our museum director wrote this series of illustrated articles on archaeology for Guide Magazine. Grades 5-8.

"A Promise Stamped in Mud" (Seals)

By Michael Hasel, PhD

Guide Magazine, Feb 23, 2003, pgs 16-19 (4 questions plus special signet activity). Grades 5-8.

Usborne Young Scientist: Archaeology

By Barbara Cork and Struan Reid

Learn the basics of archaeology—from how clues are destroyed to how old an artifact is—with this fun, simple, and complete book. EDC Publishing, Tulsa, 1986, paperback, 32 pages, illustrated. ISBN 0-86020-865-6. Grades 4-7.