Egypt Resources for Middle School Students

Egyptian Life

The British Museum website features student oriented information on life in ancient Egypt.

Egyptian Pyramid Dig Kit

The pyramid contains one of six different 2" to 6" items which may include a Pharaoh Bust, Kneeling Pharaoh or Egyptian Cat. Each pyramid contains one (1) item, items are assorted so children will not know what's inside until they dig it out. Pyramid measures 6" tall. For children 5 years and up. $9.86.

Exploring Ancient Egypt Fun Kit

Dozens of Egyptian activities: 45 stickers, tattoos, and stencils. King Tut paper doll collection, two complete coloring books (Life in Ancient Egypt and King Tut), four stained glass coloring sheets, Egyptian poster, three full-color Egyptian Masks. $12.25.

Life in Ancient Egypt Coloring Book

Magnificent pyramids, the silent Sphinx, gigantic temples of stone, a land and people shrouded by the mists of time. 44 detailed drawings help to recall this magnificent civilization. $3.25.

Mummy Preparation (Interactive Activity)

Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago website. Mummy Preparation and other interactive activities at the Kid's Corner.

"Mystery of Moshe" (Moses, Egypt, 18th Dynasty)

By Michael Hasel, PhD

Guide Magazine, July 27, 2002, pgs 10-13 (4 questions at end).

Mystic Egyptian Tomb (game)

Excavate the Egyptian treasure, then use the treasure to play the game! Includes plaster block, digging tool, brush, dice, checkers and game board. Ages: 3 + $9.95.

The Pharoahs of Ancient Egypt

By Elizabeth Payne

Ruled by awesome god-kings called Pharaohs, ancient Egypt was a land of bustling cities, golden palaces, and huge stone monuments. Beginning with the Rosetta Stone, the author examines archaeological studies that have helped unlock the incredible secrets of Egypt's first kings. Random House, paperback, 192 pages, $5.99. Grades 4-7. ISBN: 978-0394846996.


David Macaulay shows detail by detail how the great pharaohs' burial places were conceived and constructed. Concise text and richly detailed black and white illustrations illustrate the philosophy of life and death in ancient Egypt. Graphia, Paperback, 80 pages $8.85. ISBN: 978-0395321218. Grades 4-7.

Tales of Ancient Egypt

By Roger Lancelen Green

A collection of the myths, the folk tales, and the legends of ancient Egypt. Puffin, paperback, 256 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0140367164. Grades 4-7.