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Full-Time Hourly Employee Benefits

University Provided Benefts

Defined Contribution Plan - 403(b) Retirement Account with EMPOWER Retirement:

  • Basic Retirement - Employer contribution equals 5% of employee's salary. 
  • Matching Contributions - Employer matching of employee's contribution - dollar for dollar up to 3%.
  • New Employees are auto-enrolled with 3% contribution; any prior denominational contributions will override 3%
  • 1% auto-escalation (to a max of 7%) of employee's contribution occurs every July 1, opt-out is available. 

For employee, spouse, dependents ($100,000; $50,000; $10,000)

Coverage is for employee.

When traveling over 100 miles, (business or personal) travel assistance offers: pre-trip information, medical assistance services, and emergency transportation services.

For employee or spouse up to 12 credit hours per year.

Starting vacation - 2 weeks; after 4 yrs. of service - 3 weeks; after 9 yrs. of service - 4 weeks.

Applies to employees and their spouse.

Assistance on the tuition expense is provided for dependent children who are enrolled at Southern Adventist University for all college level courses on the undergraduate levels; and as necessary, a fifth year of college or additional course study required to secure necessary credentials/certification.

25% discount in the Cafeteria, CK2, Kayak, and the Deli; 10% discount on select items at the Village Market; 15% discount at the Campus Shoppe.

If applicable and within policy limits, subject to approval).

For regular, full-time employees' dependents attending Southern Adventist University only.

If applicable, within policy limites, and without using vacation. 


Employee Paid Voluntary Benefits

In accordance with the North American Division Ascend to Wholeness Healthcare. The Healthcare Plan included Medical, Dental, Vision, and Rx. Two coverage level plans to choose from, participation in a Wellness Program is required for the better coverage plan which has lower member cost responsibility.

Free access to an EAP called ComPsych

For employees on the HealthCare plan