Douglas Na'a

Douglas Na'a - SALT Program Director

Douglas has pastored churches, planted churches, and collaborated with churches in conducting evangelistic meetings. He is excited about bringing to SALT his years of experience to disciple and mentor mission-minded people.


Alan Parker - Director of Pierson Institute of Evangelism


John Bradshaw - President of It Is Written Television

Pastor Bradshaw has conducted over 80 evangelistic series and brings to SALT countless years of evangelism experience. His exciting, practical classes are always a favorite at SALT. 

Other SALT Instructors:

Barry Tryon

Barry Tryon - Introduction to Christian Leadership

Dr. Tryon brings to SALT his extensive experience in pastoral ministry and church administration. His classes on spirituality, ministry, and leadership are highly practical and favorites of the students.

David Hartman

David Hartman - Christian Witnessing

David Hartman has spent over 30 years as a pastor, evangelist, and church planter. He is the author of the book Winning Ways to Witness.

Troy Brand

Troy Brand - Prophetic Studies

Pastor Troy Brand is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. He is married and has five children. He currently serves as the pastor of the Orchard Park Seventh-day Adventist Church in Chattanooga, TN. Also, he loves to preach and is passionate about teaching about sanctification in the life of the believer. Above all else, he has surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and desires to be fully in His will.

Tui Silafau

Tui Silafau - Bible Work Practicum

SALT Guest Instructors Include:

Eric Flickinger

Eric Flickinger - Associate Speaker, It Is Written

Wes Peppers

Wes Peppers - Evangelism Director, It Is Written

And more!