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“I was raised Adventist, but I knew that I wanted specific answers as for why I am an Adventist, why I believe what I believe, and how to share my beliefs with others. SALT has gone over and above what I was wanting.”

“I understand now, that even if I win just one person for the kingdom of God, it is ‘worth it.’ It is more than worth it.”

- Sarah Chang, California


“SALT has helped me to realize the importance of making mission a life work, not just a set period.”

- Amir Davis, Maryland


"I know that SALT has given me a stronger purpose in life than any career that I choose. That purpose is to take my Bible and go out and save souls for Christ!"

- Lisamarie Heldzinger, Tennessee


“I had my schedule planned out for this semester already… but God led me to change my plans and follow him.

“It has been a blessing to me in so many ways I can’t explain. If it weren’t for this program I don’t know where I would be right now.”

- Eric Kablanow, Washington State


“The SALT Program has been a great experience for me learning about the Bible, learning how to teach and share the Bible and witness of my faith, and last but not least, it has helped me to have a better relationship with the Lord.

- Ray Wheeler, Tennessee


“While I am planning on returning to my major of choice, I am returning to it with a different outlook. I have a higher purpose than just passing classes, making friends, and getting a degree. My first purpose is to specifically work to lead people to Christ.”

“Through SALT I have learned how to take dreams of changing the world, and turn them into realities.”

- Katie Hickman, Idaho