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Parent Orientation

Parent Orientation

Parent orientation

As a parent of a new student, we understand you may be wondering what life will be like for students on our campus this school year, particularly in light of coronavirus concerns.

Parent orientation will include the following topics:

Student Development - July 5 and August 2, 7:00 PM

July 5 Zoom link: https://southern.zoom.us/j/93674030224
Aug 2 Zoom link: https://southern.zoom.us/j/93420833879

Find out about life in the residence halls, Student Support Services, student activities, and the enrichment program, which offers worships, convocations, music performances, and cultural programing. The university's Drug and Alcohol Policy and Title IX also will be discussed.


  • Ken Shaw
  • Dionne Felix
  • Dennis Negron

July 5 Recording:

Health and Safety - July 6 and August 3, 7:00 PM

July 6 Zoom link: https://southern.zoom.us/j/94692654841
Aug 3 Zoom link: https://southern.zoom.us/j/94439167971

Learn about the university’s commitment to keeping students healthy and safe. Whether your student isn’t feeling well or needs help jump-starting a dead car battery, caring staff are always ready to help.


  • Candy Wing 
  • Shawn Haas

July 6 Recording:

Finances - July 7 and August 4, 7:00 PM

July 7 Zoom link: https://southern.zoom.us/j/97729461553
Aug 4 Zoom link: https://southern.zoom.us/j/96677643251 

Gain more information on financial planning, payment plans, and meal plans along with student employment options.


  • Kaylie Akerman
  • Michael Rumsey
July 7 Recording

Office of Ministry and Missions - July 8 and August 5, 7:00 PM

July 8 Zoom link: https://southern.zoom.us/j/97413860251 
Aug 5 Zoom link: https://southern.zoom.us/j/98368751538

Learn about spiritual support resources and spiritual life on campus.


  • Joseph Khabbaz

July 8 Recording

Please contact us with questions.

Renita Moore, FYE directorRenita Moore
First Year Experience Coordinator

423.236.2575 (Office)
423.236.1782 (Fax)

Additional Information for Parents

Resources to help you navigate Southern alongside your student