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Scott Kornblum: General Manager

Scott’s an odd mixture of a lot of things. Born a Yankee, he does his best to fit in as a Southern gentleman despite his dry sense of humor. He grew up in New York and graduated from the University of Delaware with a dual bachelor’s degree in business and economics. He then worked in market research on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and fell madly in love with his wife, Brenda. They moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he was the business manager for two radio stations for six years.

Brenda gave birth to their first child, prompting a move back to the Eastern Shore to open a daycare center just in time for their second child. After running the daycare center for 10 years, they relocated to Chattanooga to be near Southern Adventist University.  While working for WSMC, Scott got his MBA from Southern Adventist University. 

As the general manager for WSMC, Scott oversees all operations of the station. In his spare time—apart from tasks in administration, engineering, finance, marketing, programming, and WSMC's website (and if he can sneak out of meetings and phone calls)—he spends time working directly with membership and planned giving and spreading the word about WSMC in the community. He sees WSMC making a difference in the area, building bridges between generations, and being an entertainment option that encourages lifelong learning while being free from commercial clutter and offensive material.

In his personal time, Scott thoroughly enjoys annoying his children with lectures about good morals, playing with his three dogs, reading novels about international espionage, analyzing bizarre facts, and dreaming about new types of gooey chocolate cake.

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Rob Raney: Relationship Manager

From his earliest memories, music has played a significant role in Rob’s life. His grandmother loved the opera and the symphony. He recalls her talking about “going over town” to attend the concerts at the Roberson Center in Binghamton, NY. His father served as a Marine in WWII. He loved marches and march music! Each Sunday morning he and his siblings would awaken to marches Dad telling them it was time to get out of bed. Mom played the piano and Dad sang. Rob can recall hearing his father sing hymns after they had all gone to bed. Then there was the weekly trip in the old station wagon going to church with all seven children, Mom and Dad, and Grandma. They would sing and harmonize with each other along the way. Music has had a strong influence in Rob’s life.

In elementary, middle and junior high Rob was a part of the chorus. When he was a junior in high school he went off to Union Springs Academy (boarding Seventh-day Adventist high school) where he was asked to join the small traveling choir. Then in college, he again sang in the choir and small touring group. He is thankful to his college choir director for giving him the opportunity to sing in such places as the Crystal Cathedral, St. Bartholomew’s in NYC and many, many more places.

Rob met his wife, Carol, while attending Atlantic Union College in South Lancaster, MA. Many of their early dates were her playing the piano and him singing or him pretending to play guitar and her playing flute. He is sure their love for music has been an influence on their children. Both of their kids, Robby and Cayla, are music majors at Southern Adventist University. Robby wants to be a teacher and Cayla wants to be a music therapist. Rob really doesn’t know who he would be today if he had not been influenced by good music along the way.

Rob moved to Collegedale in November of 2003 and began working for Southern Adventist University in the development office—first as the director and later as the senior gift officer. In November of 2013, he began working at WSMC as its relationship manager and he just loves being around the many student announcers and music lovers. He feels as though he has come home.

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Thomas Eidell

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Thomas Eidell

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