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“WSMC is unique in this area and, when I browse other stations, I'm always relieved to return to 90.5.”

“When I feel like listening to classical music, I really depend on WSMC being there.”

“I give God thanks for you on the airwaves—keep it up!”

“My clock radio has been set on 90.5 for years. I love waking up to the sounds of classical music, and I think it is a mentally healthy way to start the day. It continues to play as I get ready for work. I listen whenever I can.”

“I can’t wash a single dish without you guys! I keep my radio on you all the time.”

“We are thankful for your station! We do support it financially and will continue. We do not watch TV, so your station is what 'stays on' in our home.”

“Your station is an excellent contrast to other radio. It provides a welcome break to normal daily activities and other radio. I believe WSMC to be a unique listening asset to our community.” 

“WSMC is special and unique in the Chattanooga area because it is virtually the only station which features classical music. Most of the other, or at least some, types of music can be heard elsewhere.”

“I am grateful for WSMC. It makes me feel happy and content.”

“Fortunately, I was brought up in a home in which classical and church music was most appreciated. That appreciation rubbed off on me and has stayed with me my whole life (I'll soon become 83). I appreciate your promotion of classical music and wish you continued great performances to the community at large. Thank you for your great musical programs.”

“Just a note to tell you how very much I do appreciate your music programs. I feel extremely fortunate to have been brought up in a home in which ONLY classical music was heard. I would feel bereft if WSMC was ever to be discontinued. Thank you for being there.”

“WSMC soothes my jangled nerves!”

"Your music is wonderful. I listen all day. Thanks!"