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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan is a service of McKee Library for the students, faculty, and staff of Southern Adventist University. It affords access to research materials that are not owned locally or accessible through the Library’s online collection. Before requesting an interlibrary loan, please search the online catalog to see if McKee Library already has a copy of what you are looking for in their collection.

Average turn-around time is 10 days for books and two days for journal articles. You can request an item and manage your loans by accessing your interlibrary loan account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following items can NOT be borrowed through interlibrary loan.

  • Required course textbooks (some are on hold behind the circulation desk)
  • Materials that already reside in McKee Library's collections
  • Recreational reading, personal materials, and materials for relatives or friends
  • Whole periodical issues or volumes
  • Rare or valuable materials
  • Bulky or fragile materials

McKee Library is pleased to offer interlibrary loan services to obtain books, articles, and other material not accessible in our local collections.  However, if you have a request for a course textbook, or you just want to review a textbook for possible inclusion in your course, we have a few suggestions, other than using interlibrary loan.

First, if you are not sure you want to include a course textbook in your course, and you would like to review it, please contact the publisher directly, and they will send you a review copy, usually at no expense to you. 

Second, if you are sure you want to use a course textbook, McKee Library can
order a copy to place on reserve, so that your students have access to the material while studying in the library. 

Third, we have an extensive collection of eBooks, and access to nearly a million titles.  If you want to check to see if a title is available as an eBook for your class, we are happy to do so. 

Fourth, please consider the extensive
Open Educational Resources that are available for free to you and your students.  The library has access to the Faculty Select database, where you can check on OER’s for your classes and also digital-rights management free material. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact
Stanley Cottrell or Donald Martin with questions about physical books and eBooks.

Average turn-around time is 10 days for books and two days for journal articles. You can request an item and manage your loans by accessing your interlibrary loan account.

Interlibrary loan is not available to non-Southern students, alumni, community card holders, or docent card holders.

Southern email accounts, and cell phone SMS (if chosen as one of your communication preferences within your interlibrary account), will be used for interlibrary loan notifications pertaining to your loan request(s). In cases where items are overdue, the borrower may also receive a phone call.

Most lending libraries will allow patrons to borrow a book for three to four weeks, with a possibility to renew for an additional two to four weeks. Those wishing to renew can submit a request through their interlibrary loan account.

To express our appreciation to the lending libraries for this privilege, we MUST return books promptly. Failure to return materials on time jeopardizes McKee Library's borrowing privileges with other libraries.

More Information and Questions

We invite you to view our ILL policies for more information and contact Donald Martin with questions.