Embedded Librarian Service

The embedded librarian service is a collaboration providing information literacy instruction through physical and/or electronic resources.  The collaboration can be for the duration of a research based assignment or for the entire course. Each and every collaboration is unique and represents the distinct needs of the course.

This service works well for distance education courses and courses with research assignments that require the use of outside sources. Why should you consider using an embedded librarian?

  • Having a librarian available who can guide students through the research process and be a direct point of contact often improves research quality.
  • An embedded librarian can answer student questions about the mechanics of research in the library's databases and push out information at the time and place of need. This also reinforces the student's sense of connectedness to the university.
  • The librarian can work with you on designing assignments that meet the information literacy needs for your course.

Please contact Jessica Spears for more information. To request the service, please complete the form below.