Information Literacy Modules

McKee Library's instruction team is pleased to offer web-based, self-paced information literacy modules which can be easily integrated into eClass. These modules are available both as stand-alone instructional components and also as units, as outlined below. Video lengths typically range between two and five minutes. Tutorials include text, activities, and ungraded self-check points. To take advantage of the ungraded content (videos and tutorials), simply use the links below to access the resource in a McKee Library research guide.  

To utilize the automatically graded quizzes and associated content in eClass, please contact Jessica Spears. Module titles with an asterisk have an assessment covering all module content. 

Getting Started with Research*

  • Why Information Literacy Matters: Tutorial
  • Life in the Information Age: Video
  • Research Process: Videos
  • Developing a Research Focus: Tutorial
  • How to Narrow Your Topic: Video
  • Background Research Tips: Tutorial
  • Beginning Research with Wikipedia/Google: Videos
  • Thesis Statements: Video (Assessment Available)
  • Scholarship as Conversation: Tutorial
  • Research for Persuasive Writing: Tutorial
  • Creating a Research Plan: Video
  • Framing a Problem: Video

Sources of Information

  • Information Has Value: Tutorial
  • Data, Information, and Knowledge: Video
  • Primary and Secondary Sources: Video (Assessment Available) 
  • Primary Sources: Video
  • Secondary Sources: Video
  • Peer Review: Video (Assessment Available) 
  • Types of Sources: Video and Tutorial  (Assessment Available)
  • How to Read Scholarly Materials: Tutorial and Video
  • Selecting Appropriate Digital Sources: Tutorial

Searching for Information*

  • Searching as Exploration: Video
  • Choosing a Database: Video (Assessment Available)
  • Choosing and Using Keywords: Tutorial  (Assessment Available)
  • Search Techniques, Part One: Tutorial
  • Search Techniques. Part Two: Tutorial
  • Refining Search Results: Video

Evaluating Information*

  • What Is Authority?: Video
  • Introduction to Bias: Video (Assessment Available Covering Both Bias Videos) 
  • Types of Bias: Video 
  • Evaluating Source: Video
  • Evaluating Information: Tutorial
  • Choosing the Best Web Sources: Tutorial
  • Understanding Misinformation: Tutorial
  • News Reporting vs. Opinion Pieces in Journalism: Tutorial
  • Evaluating Digital Sources Using Lateral Reading: Tutorial

Using Critical Thinking and Logic

Visual and Quantitative Literacy

  • Searching for Images: Video
  • Interpreting Images: Video
  • Why Does Visual Literacy Matter?: Video
  • Using Quantitative Data: Video (Assessment Available)
  • Evaluating Statistics: Video

Presenting Research and Data*

  • Synthesis: Video
  • Synthesizing Information for Academic Writing: Tutorial(Assessment Available)
  • Annotated Bibliography: Tutorial 
  • Anatomy of a Research Paper: Video  (Assessment Available) 
  • Writing Help: Video
  • Digital Privacy: Video
  • Paraphrasing, Quoting, and Summarizing: Tutorial
  • Academic Writing: Video
  • Understanding the Communication Need: Video
  • Preparing for a Presentation: Video

Citations and Academic Integrity: APA

  • Why Citations Matter: Video and Tutorial
  • APA Citations - 6th Edition: Video and Tutorial  (Assessment Available)
  • APA Citations - 7th Edition: Video and Tutorial (Assessment Available)
  • Academic Integrity: Video (Assessment Available)
  • Plagiarism: Video (Assessment Available)
  • Copyright: Video (Assessment Available)

Citations and Academic Integrity: MLA

  • Why Citations Matter: Video and Tutorial
  • MLA 8th Edition Citation Style: Video and Tutorial  (Assessment Available)
  • Academic Integrity: Video  (Assessment Available)
  • Plagiarism: Video  (Assessment Available)
  • Copyright: Video  (Assessment Available)

Citations and Academic Integrity: Chicago Style

  • Why Citations Matter: Video and Tutorial
  • Turabian Citation Style: Video (Assessment Available) 
  • Chicago Style 17th. Ed. Journals: Video
  • Chicago Style 17th. Ed. Books, eBooks: Video
  • Chicago Style 17th. Ed. Websites, and Social Media: Video
  • Academic Integrity: Video  (Assessment Available)
  • Plagiarism: Video  (Assessment Available)
  • Copyright: Video  (Assessment Available)

Culture and Citizenship*

  • Introduction to Cultural Issues: Video
  • Global Citizenship: Video
  • Introduction to Civic Engagement: Video
  • Introduction to Civic Action: Video
  • Culture and Citizenship (Assessment Available)

 Evidence-Based Practice*

  • Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice: Tutorial
  • Identifying Types of Evidence: Tutorial
  • Understanding Study Design: Tutorial
  • Using the Hierarchy of Evidence: Tutorial
  • Appraising Evidence - Diagnostic Studies: Tutorial
  • Appraising Evidence - Treatment Studies: Tutorial
  • Applying Evidence to a Patient Population: Tutorial

Research Needs and Search Strategies in Health Sciences*

  • Introduction to Medical Databases: Video
  • Search Strategy for Health Information: Tutorial
  • PICO Questions Part 1: Writing a PICO Question: Tutorial
  • PICO Questions Part 2: Going From PICO Question to Search: Tutorial
  • Scientific Method for Health Science Students: Tutorial
  • Health Literacy: Tutorial

Health Science Resources*

  • CINAHL: Tutorial
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Tutorial
  • Consumer Health Information: Tutorial
  • Health Statistics Part 1: Introduction to Using Health Data and Statistics: Tutorial
  • Health Statistics Part 2: Resources for Health Statistics: Tutorial
  • Locating Drug Information Part 1: Consumer Resources: Tutorial
  • Locating Drug Information Part 2: Clinical Resources: Tutorial
  • Nutrition Resources: Tutorial
  • Point-of-Care Resources Part 1: Introduction to Using Point-of-Care Resources: Tutorial
  • Point-of-Care Resources Part 2: DynaMed, UpToDate, and Nursing Reference Center: Tutorial
  • PubMed Tips and Tricks: Tutorial

Understanding and Using Research Sources in Health Science*