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Virtual Reality Headsets

McKee Library has two virtual reality (VR) headsets available for use in study room 131. These headsets are equipped with multiple games, including Beat Saber, YouTube VR, and Mission: ISS, allowing for an immersive virtual reality experience.  

All users must complete the VR Guidlines Agreement prior to using the headsets.

Complete the VR Guidelines Agreement

Current Games


Oculus Quest Basics Tutorial: Play Area Setup

This tutorial contains details on how to properly and safely setup your Play Area.

Oculus Quest Basics Tutorial: Maintenance & Care

This video contains details on how to properly care and maintain your Oculus Quest as well as how to wear the Oculus Quest with glasses.

Oculus Quest Basics Tutorial: Navigating in VR

This video contains details on how to navigate in VR and some basic information on how to use the Touch Controllers.

More Information & Questions

Please contact Stan Cottrell with any questions.