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Be a Tutor

Be a Tutor at the Tutoring Center

At the Tutoring Center, peer tutors provide an encouraging learning environment to assist students in developing the knowledge base and skills necessary to become confident, independent, and active learners. Tutoring is a great opportunity for students to gain experience as an educator, as well as be able to continually work with materials and reinforce concepts in their field of study. 

How to Apply

Complete the online application and schedule an interview with the director to apply.


Responsibilities & Benefits


  • Tutors will show respect for all tutees.
  • Tutors will engage tutees so that tutees actively participate in tutoring sessions.
  • Tutors will act in a friendly, yet professional way.
  • Tutors will be on time and organized for all appointments, as an example to tutees.
  • Tutors will not cancel an appointment on the day of the appointment.
  • Tutors will attend training sessions and mandatory meetings.


  • Flexible schedule
  • Position looks good on a resumé
  • Tutor is paid for all training.
  • Allows for review of course materials
  • Opportunity to become a CRLA certified tutor
  • It’s rewarding to have a part in other students’ success.