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Work at the Writing Center

Tutoring at the Writing Center

The primary aim of the Writing Center is to help students become more confident, effective writers. Writing tutors work with writers of all levels and disciplines on a variety of assignments and projects, such as compositions, lab reports, research papers, resumes and job search correspondence, proposals, presentations, and creative writing.

A writing tutor may help students:
  • Interpret an assignment sheet, talk through ideas for a paper or presentation, discuss course readings, or plan for a paper
  • Consider choices with regard to audience, focus, purpose, reasoning, or organization
  • Develop ideas with greater specificity
  • Acquire research strategies, integrate scholarly sources, and apply proper documentation (such as MLA or APA)
  • Improve student editing and proofreading skills, expand vocabulary, and better understand technical conventions of academic writing
Benefits of working at the Writing Center:
  • Flexible schedule
  • Position looks good on a resumé
  • Tutor is paid for all training
  • Opportunity to become a CRLA certified tutor
  • Tutors become stronger writers as critical thinking and writing skills improve
  • It’s rewarding to have a part in other students’ success

Apply to be a Tutor

Complete the online application to apply to be a Writing Center Tutor.


Apply to be a Receptionist

The Writing Center also hires for receptionist. To apply, please complete the online form.