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Knowledge Exchange Policies

Knowledge Exchange

The purpose of Knowledge Exchange is to store and showcase the research, scholarly output, and special collections of the Southern Adventist University (Southern) community in an open access format.


Any member of Southern’s faculty and current student body is able to submit his/her work to Knowledge Exchange. The repository is open to all faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students of Southern Adventist University. Undergraduate and graduate students must have a signed submission form from their supervising faculty member.

Authors may submit works for which they are the sole rights holders or for which they have obtained permission to submit from all co-authors and publishers. The repository accepts text, images, and embedded videos. Possible content includes, but is not limited to, research papers, journal articles, theses and dissertations, digital photography, digital art replications, and performance videos. Knowledge Exchange also houses McKee Library’s digitized special collections and some ebook collections. The repository follows an open access policy, but in some cases material may be available only to current faculty, staff, and students. 

Please note that the following content is NOT permitted for submission/publication to Knowledge Exchange:

  • FERPA-protected information, including student email addresses.
  • HIPPA-regulated information (protected health information, including any information related to the past, present or future physical or mental health of an individual, except only if the individual has authorized release of his or her information in writing, and such release is in the hands of the publisher).
  • Content barred by law or regulation from publication.
  • Intellectual property for which the submitter does not have permission to submit and distribute. In order to deposit a work in Knowledge Exchange, you must hold the copyright to that work or have permission from the copyright owner to do so. The copyright of any material deposited in Knowledge Exchange is retained by the depositor/creator unless otherwise explicitly stated.
  • Non-public personally identifiable financial or contact information of any kind including, but not limited to, social security numbers, credit/debit card numbers, account numbers, account balances, and private residential addresses, except only where such records preexist as legitimate publicly accessible records outside the university.
  • Photographic depictions of individuals in areas where a reasonable expectation of privacy exists, except if all individuals depicted have given written consent to publication of their image.

Authors must grant permission for Knowledge Exchange to publish their work. However, authors retain copyright of their work. Current students must submit a Student Submission Form signed by a supervising faculty member. For instructions on how to submit this form as an additional file, please see the Knowledge Exchange Research Guide

Knowledge Exchange complies with all the provisions of the U.S. Copyright Law (17 U.S.C) and its amendments. Previously published authors are responsible for negotiating with their publishers the option of showcasing their works on Knowledge Exchange.

All authors whose works are featured in Knowledge Exchange retain full copyright of their work but grant to the university, upon submission, a non-exclusive, perpetual worldwide license to showcase their materials on an item-by-item basis. In order to submit works to Knowledge Exchange, the author or creator must have the right to do so. If a publisher owns the rights to an author’s work, the author must check the publisher’s policies prior to submitting the article to the institutional repository.

All withdrawal requests must be submitted to the Institutional Repository Coordinator using the withdrawal request form. No materials will be removed without an attempt to reach the author. Possible reasons for withdrawal include factual inaccuracy, plagiarism, and possible copyright infringement. If authors who have submitted work to Knowledge Exchange leave the university, their work will be retained in the archive. If the authors would like to have new contact information added to their material in Knowledge Exchange, the Institutional Repository Coordinator will assist them in having such information added.

More Information

Please visit Knowledge Exchange or contact Jessica Spears for additional information.