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Collection Development Policy

Books, periodicals, and media materials are chosen with the criteria to support the university’s Christian standards, Seventh-day Adventist beliefs, curriculum, student and faculty research, local history, and community and student body interests. Librarians work closely with professors and deans to develop the collection and make sure the library has the available materials for each department’s area of expertise. Having a balanced resource collection enhances student learning and works toward the promotion of higher-level thinking.

It is our responsibility as librarians to develop a resource collection that is conducive to student inquiry and learning. We want students to have access to resources that not only support and enhance what they are being taught but that also provide alternate points of view, giving them a chance to analyze the information before them and come to their own conclusions. We take pride in crafting a well-rounded collection.

More Information

For more information about McKee Library's collection development policy, please contact Stan Cottrell.