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Southern Adventist University Catalogs

Below is a list of our archived catalogs. Since 2011, catalogs are no longer printed, but can be accessed by PDF or the online version. For the online current catalog, click here. 

Click the PDF link to download the catalog.

Academic Year Undergraduate Graduate
2014-2015 PDF (current) PDF (current)
2013-2014 PDF PDF
2012-2013 PDF PDF
2011-2012 PDF  PDF
2010-2011 PDF  PDF
2009-2010 PDF  PDF
2008-2009 PDF PDF
2007-2008 PDF PDF
2006-2007 PDF PDF
2005-2006 PDF PDF
2004-2005 PDF PDF
2003-2004 PDF PDF
2002-2003 PDF  


Catalog QR Code

Use this code on flyers, business cards, brochures or other printed materials. When scanned with a smartphone, it will take the user directly to our most current online catalog.

Contact Melissa Swanson at 423.236.2921 or if you have trouble downloading or using the code.