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What does the Christian Service Program mean to me?

The two components that create the Christian Service Program are community service and service-learning activities. Community service and service-learning explicitly ties to your academics. You will find ways to incorporate all the things you are learning into practical projects that serve our community. To learn more about the requirements, please take a minute to read through the program summary.  

This program offers you opportunities to connect what you are learning in the classroom to address community needs. As a construction management major, you could be building houses in the mission field or with Habitat for Humanity. In Mrs. Wiygul's World Geography class, you might do research on food scarcity and help with a food drive on campus for the Chattanooga Food Bank. As a nursing student, you might enjoy putting those assessment skills to the test with a refugee family in Chattanooga in Mrs. Wills' Transcultural Nursing course.

Every semester, there are dozens of community service opportunities to participate in. These opportunities can be identified on the Serves website and at the Campus Ministries office. It is important to remember that any community service or service-learning activities must be approved prior to completion to count for service credit.  

If you would like to participate in an activity that has not already been approved, encourage whomever is sponsoring the event to submit their project to our office for approval. This could be the volunteer coordinator at the organization you are serving or your club sponsor. They can find the applicable forms under the faculty or partners page.