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Graduate Studies in Education

Do you want to learn how to better teach yourself and others? Do you hope to lead those seeking to improve their lives? Do you try to give others the help they need?

We prepare professional educators to excel in a culturally diverse society. Realize your dreams as you learn from a Christian perspective in a high-quality academic program. Our professors care about students as individuals with God-given talents, and they encourage you to express your opinions, share your experience, and ask penetrating questions.


  1. To facilitate placement in the professional field.
  2. To provide studies in preparation for more advanced programs.
  3. To prepare candidates to obtain the appropriate credentials and/or licensure. (Note: Each candidate is responsible for the realization of this goal, as each state has its own standards.)
  4. To train candidates to effectively serve others.

Prerequisites for Admission

Please visit the Graduate and Professional Studies website and click Education or Outdoor Education for admission requirements for our MSEd programs.

Graduation Requirements

Information about graduation requirements can be found in the Graduate Catalog.