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Education Scholarships


  1. Must earn minimum 3.0 GPA in substantive math courses required by the teacher education program
  2. Must earn minimum 3.0 GPA in math pedagogy courses
  3. Candidate must demonstrate effective methods of teaching math at the elementary level
  4. Candidate must submit an application in the Winter semester for consideration in the following academic year.
  5. The Teacher Education Council will select/recommend one recipient, based on applications received, to the Financial Appeals Committee

Growing disciples through shared leadership


The Georgia-Cumberland Conference recognizes that within our churches are quality young people who desire to join the Seventh-day Adventist education ministry of “growing disciples through shared leadership.” This scholarship is intended to assist those who are called and qualified to join in such work.

  • For junior or senior elementary education majors
  • Must be a current church member within the Georgia-Cumberland Conference (GCC)
  • Must demonstrate commitment to the ministry of a GCC church
  • Must possess a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Recipients will be selected by the Teacher Education Council at Southern and will be verified by the GCC Office of Education
  • Must provide a letter of recommendation from the local GCC pastor
  • Maximum award of $4000.00 annually
  • Eligible for a one-time renewal


  • Must be an education major or minor
  • Must have an earned GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Must demonstrate financial need based on Southern's student aid policy
  • 1-3 students may be awarded $1000 each annually. Award amount will be based on the number of students awarded
  • Recipients will be recommended by the dean of the School of Education, Psychology, and Counseling, in consultation with the Teacher Education Council
  • Recipients will be verified by the Record's Office, Student Finance Office, and Southern's Financial Appeals Committee


Once the application is complete, you may send it to Murray Cooper,

To provide scholarship funding for qualified students graduating from a Southern Union 
Academy who desire to become a teacher in a Seventh-day Adventist school and who 
subsequently enroll at an Adventist college or university.

1. Endorsed and recommended by an academy principal/faculty.
2. Stated commitment to become an Adventist school teacher (see application).
3. Completion of the application form with all required attachments.
4. Acceptance and enrollment in an Adventist college/university.
5. Member of a Seventh-day Adventist Church

Award: A Four-Year Scholarship will be awarded each year to four students. *
• Years One & Two = $1,500 per year ($750 per semester) at Oakwood University and Southern Adventist University
(Awards of $1,000 per year may be granted for enrollment in other Adventist 
• Years Three & Four = $2,500 per year ($1,250 per semester) at Oakwood University and Southern Adventist University
(Awards of $2,000 per year may be granted for enrollment in other Adventist 
• Awards will be implemented in consecutive years, but an educationally related 
deferral (i.e. student missions) may be granted for one year.
Renewal Criteria for each awardee for up to four years.
• Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00
• Verification of acceptable progress toward completion of requirements for a 
Seventh-day Adventist teaching certificate. 
• Commitment statement to continue with teacher preparation.

1. Complete application with attachments submitted to the academy principal.
2. Application and principal’s recommendation are forwarded to the Conference
3. Each Conference will select the awardee(s) to be recommended to the Southern Union 
Superintendents Advisory for prioritizing of awards that is to be finalized by the Southern Union
Board of Education.
4. Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the Adventist college/university upon
verification of each semester/quarter enrollment and criteria being met.

* Scholarships are subject to funding availability


Two $5000 scholarships will be awarded to aspiring elementary and secondary teachers. Funds go directly to applicants. Apply by 7/31.


"The secret to securing education scholarships is to locate the ones you qualify for and apply to as many as possible. Read on to learn about 20 exceptional teaching scholarships-you might just find a few options that are an ideal fit for you."

The Tennessee Future Teacher Scholarship is intended to encourage exemplary students to enter the teaching field in Tennessee. Participation is limited to college juniors and seniors admitted to an approved educator preparation program (EPP) in a Tennessee college or university.

Scholarships for Future Teachers is offered through Study.com as a way to reward those looking to be teachers. They offer 3 unique Scholarships of $1000 each! Application deadline is November 1st.

Psychology Scholarships

The American Psychological Association is a scientific and professional organization for psychology. (It is commonly known for APA style.) This site includes a comprehensive listing of undergraduate psychology scholarships (type undergraduate scholarships in the search bar).

SHRM Scholarships, Grants, and Awards
SHRM provides information, research, guidance and best practices. Student memberships are available. It offers academic, certification, and professional development scholarships.

Psi Chi Undergraduate Scholarships
Psi Chi awards eight scholarships annually of $3000 each.

This merit scholarship is awarded to a junior or senior psychology major who shows promise in the field of psychology. A GPA of 3.0 or higher is required. Selection is made by the Psychology Council.

This resource will help you figure out whether (and how) to pursue a fellowship, grant, or scholarship.



The North American Division Hispanic Scholarship Fund is designed to assist with financial aid for full-time graduate and post-graduate Hispanic students who are North America Division-based, faithful Seventh-day Adventist Church members in good standing, and whose financial resources are inadequate to enable them to complete their graduate school education.

Eligibility requirements include:

  1. Must be a member of the SDA church in good standing.
  2. Must be Hispanic and a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, Canada, Bermuda, Guam, or Micronesia.
  3. Must be enrolled as a full time, degree-seeking graduate student.
  4. Must demonstrate financial need.

Follow this link for outside counseling scholarships or grants: 

Guide to Counseling & Psychology Scholarships - Awards & Eligibility (counselingschools.com)
If you’re ready to see what help is out there, so you can get to work on helping others, check out this guide to counseling scholarships. Please note that for any passed deadlines in 2022, it is assumed that these scholarships will be offered in 2023 around the same time.