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The Reynolds Chair

Summerour Hall

The Clarence and Elva Reynolds Chair

The Reynolds chair is named after Clarence and Elva Reynolds. Their estate was donated to Southern Adventist University by their only child, Maurine Reynolds. Maurine‚Äôs donation was heavily motivated by her love for young people and the Adventist church. 
In consultation with Mr. Herbert "Bert" Coolidge, long-time financial adviser to Maurine Reynolds, a governing document was established for the Reynolds chair. Mr. Coolidge has continued to provide valuable counsel to the School of Education and Psychology regarding the funds and position with respect to the Reynolds' wishes. 

Herbert "Bert" Coolidge

"My hope is that Adventist education is a prime source of producing an abundant life. The Bible speaks that as possible. But we want an abundant life that is not only useful to those around us here, but we want it to produce an individual that the Lord is going to enjoy living with for eternity...It's my goal that the Reynolds chair can be, should be, and will be a piece of solving and moving that forward."

-Bert Coolidge '65 on the Reynolds Chair

The Reynolds Symposium

The Reynolds Symposium was developed to honor the Reynolds family's gift and desires. The Reynolds Symposium happened once yearly from 2013 to 2018.

Videos From Bert Coolidge

You can find videos from Bert Coolidge on the Reynolds family and their wishes here: https://knowledge.e.southern.edu/do/search/?q=reynolds&start=0&context=3316043&facet=