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English as a Second Language Program

The English as a Second Language Program is designed to help students whose native language is not English develop the English skills needed for success in the university’s regular academic programs. These skills include reading, writing, grammar, and other study skills specific to the American educational environment. Students whose TOEFL scores are between 45-79 (internet-based test) or whose English ACT score is below 18, as demonstrated by a test taken in the last 12 months, must enroll in the EESL program. Students may not advance into the regular first-year writing sequence until they have achieved an ACT of 18 (SAT 450) or have permission of the instructor upon completion of ENGL 100.

Students who have not met the exit requirements must register for one to three courses in the EESL program, and additional credit outside the EESL program, as approved by the EESL adviser, not to exceed a total load of 13 hours. The number of EESL courses required for a given student can be determined as follows:
  • A student with a TOEFL IBT score of less than 60 (500 PBT) who is new to the university should register for three EESL courses. Students with scores over 60 may register for one to two EESL courses.
  • With the approval of the EESL adviser, a student who has already completed a semester of the EESL program may register for one or two EESL courses, depending on test scores and performance in EESL classes. ENGL 100 may meet this requirement.

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