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Welcome to English Matters! See our list of recent posts on the right or at the bottom of this page.

This blog is a daily “newspaper” of all things English. We publish news, features, and other informative items of interest to current students and faculty, to prospective students of English, to English alumni, and to anyone else who might enjoy the doings of the department.

Content will include student profiles (including that of prospective students), general news from the fields of English and Education, word puzzles, important vocabulary, photos, videos, faculty happenings, news from our alums, even a podcast. We want to inform students in an interesting way about key concepts in stylistics and literary criticism, as well as fine points of grammar, linguistics, and rhetoric. (No, there will not be a test!) Key English exit and entrance exams such as the Major Field Test and the Grade Record Exam will be examined and explained. We want our students to be prepared for whatever comes their way! That means we will add news about job prospects for English majors.

There will be ample room for important links, major authors’ profiles, current creative writing, and English news from Adventist graduate schools. Space will be available for clever sayings, examples of biblical literary analysis and concepts, general encouragement, and English Department announcements.

In short, this blog will be for all of us in love with the English language and its infinite permutations. If you have suggestions for the editor, please send them on!


Marcus Sheffield—Editor


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