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From Boomer to Zoomer

The Baby Boom Generation (those born between 1945 and 1961) never experienced what students these days are coping with. It’s a whole new sort of life.

In a recent article written for Inside Higher Ed, the author, JP Flores, laments the effects of COVID-19 on the experience of higher education (April 15, 2021). Much education these days takes place remotely through apps like Zoom. Consequently, a sense of community is being lost. The reality is that true education is about personal relationships that enhance students’ emotional health, personal growth, and career advancement.

Flores found surveys of student attitudes showing that 71 percent of students across America see loss of personal connection as the most important consequence of online learning. 73 percent say their social lives are what they miss most in current campus life.

Southern has had the difficult task of dealing with the pandemic, but the institution has been highly successful in maintaining a safe environment while at the same time providing as much face-to-face interaction as possible. The Southern experience is alive and well in the era of COVID.

The English Department at Southern has managed to have a good number of social events in line with COVID restraints. Faculty are eager and willing to have students drop by their offices for advice and informal counseling. Our list of prospective students is surprisingly strong for next year, and we look forward to a wonderful new group of eager English majors. We in the department have prayed for success, and our prayers are being answered! We are here, we are connected to our students and to a loving God, and we are thriving! Come join the fun.