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Senior Awards

Each year the English Department gives awards to majors who have shown especially noteworthy abilities.

Brittny Desvarieux is the Department’s Writer to Watch. Brittny is a diligent and creative writer who brings a freshness to her work that both Professor Stankavich and Professor Goddard have greatly enjoyed. Her bright eyes light up when she talks about her favorite poets.

Erik Lorenz has received the English Research Award. Erik shows depth of thinking and analysis. He is also a courteous and pleasant conversationalist with an accepting attitude and an open mind. He wants to be a lawyer, and the Department hopes he keeps his kind nature in that adversarial field!

Becca Overstreet has been honored as English Major of the Year. As a dedicated student leader, Becca’s service to the Department is much appreciated. Becca is a thoughtful, generous spirit who is leaving a lasting effect on faculty and students alike. We know she will make a difference in the world.

The English Department appreciates all its 2021 graduates and knows each will be a credit to Southern Adventist University. Congratulations! May God guide your every step.