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JobWorld | Content Marketing

May 21, 2021

Selling product has always been at the heart of business. Today, however, selling is no longer “hawking one’s wares” with the traditional sales pitch. Serious marketers are using a new tool closely connected to the world of English with its emphasis on textual analysis and appreciation of good writing, the world you would enter if you major in English at Southern Adventist University.

This new tool is called “content marketing.” Instead of the “hard sell,” the content marketer creates written content that is, on its own, engaging and valuable. The ultimate goal is profit, but the immediate goal is sharing text that meets other needs.

Content marketing is a $400,000,000,000 industry that is growing fast. Currently, more than 215,000 jobs are open to skilled content writers. Positions begin with pay around $40,000/year. An experienced freelancer can easily command $125-200/hour.

The English major at Southern would provide a strong base for these jobs, although specialized training is a must to launch a career in content marketing.

Talk to the chair of the English Department, Dr. Keely Tary, about this growing opportunity in professional writing.