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Interviews | Erick Flores

June 21, 2021

English Matters: “Erick, your story of becoming an English major is fascinating. Tell us what you were doing before you turned to English.”

Erick: “Before I switched my major to English, I was in a healthcare field.”

English Matters: “These two areas are certainly different! How did you become interested in English?”

Erick: “I have always loved English and even considered majoring in it coming out of high school; however, the stereotypes of the ‘danger’ of majoring in a non-STEM major scared me into not majoring in it. Now that I’ve switched, however, I am thoroughly enjoying my classes and am finally studying something I am very passionate about.” 

English Matters: “Passionate about English! The department loves to hear that. Can you elaborate about this passion? What elements attract you? Particular books? Poems? Do you enjoy writing?”

Erick: “My love and passion for English was developed at an early age. I have always enjoyed reading stories and novels. In high school, I began to read some of the classics and fell in love with English and Russian literature. I read War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy during my sophomore year of high school, which was a book that impacted me very deeply. As for poetry? I have never really gotten into it very much though I do appreciate its beauty. I enjoy writing, and though most of the writing I do now as a student is academic, I do still enjoy the process of polishing up a written assignment. 

English Matters: What do many students at Southern not realize about the English major?

Erick: I feel that many students do not realize how varied the field of English can be. You can work in almost any field with an English major. The critical thinking skills learned and honed in the English discipline can be applied to vastly different careers. Just because you’re an English major doesn’t mean you’re going to be an author.

English Matters: What are your plans for the future?

Erick: Personally, I would love to teach English at a professional level, and the dream would be to do so abroad. I plan to further my education after graduation by pursuing a master’s degree and possibly even a Ph.D.

This interview was slightly edited and conducted by email.