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From Whence Comes the Rose

November 9, 2021

From Whence Comes the Rose

A drop of sunlight falls to the earth

Dripping from the leaves

A soft tinkle of twilight

An orange leaf falls

Joining the river of fire below

Orange, red, gold

Bones of once verdiant foliage

A raindrop falls

A crystal tear in the wind

Slammed to the earth and shattered

Its shards seeping into the earth

Beneath the fiery river

The sunlight spent

Trees bare

The raindrop gone

                    Cracked in the tight fist of the winter mist

Spent for the spring

A speck of sunlight

The tears the sky has cried

The pink breath of dawn

Become a rose

Among the dust of the faded leaves

For each falling

                    There is a rising

And it is in a death

                    That we find our life

By Jamie Jansen. Republished by permission. Legacy Spring 2021