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New Student Orientation

August 19, 2021

Yesterday, English faculty and their new majors gathered for the department’s New Student Orientation. Chair Keely Tary welcomed the six majors to Southern with cookies and other goodies. (An earlier orientation occurred during SmartStart with two majors.)

It was time to get acquainted.

Tary handed everyone, including faculty, an informal questionnaire that asked such things as “What is your favorite book?” and “What would your favorite English class look like?” The questionnaire provided a nice opportunity for everyone to open up about who they are and what their hopes are for the new year. Students had a chance to ask questions.

Tary also shared some of the upcoming events in the department, including information about the Welcome Back party on Monday, August 23, 2021, at 6:00 P.M. This yearly event is hosted by the history and English departments. This get together will have a full meal, including shaved ice.

These new majors learned about the department’s social media outlets—Instagram, Facebook, and English Matters. They were invited to submit their own news items or creative writing to the English Matters blog.

The students show special interest in international travel and shared their desire to go abroad for study or pleasure. A number of faculty have traveled extensively (as student missionaries or teachers) and shared their own enthusiasm.

Tary spoke about the three key clubs in the English Department: English Club, Writers Club, and Sigma Tau Delta (an English honor society).

Ashley Hunt is a student mentor with a minor in English. She is from Massachusetts and enjoys Anime and Disney productions. She views English literature as “art in words.”

Jo Broyer wants to go into law and enjoys hiking, cello, baking, guitar, and reading. She would love to study the history of popular literature.

Hica Tresor is from Rochester, New York. He is fascinated by Japanese culture and wants to teach English there some day.

Sienna Day wants to major in professional writing. She’s from Medford, Oregon, and really wants to learn how to write a series of novels and become a YouTube personality. She enjoys the martial arts and watching Netflix and YouTube.

Faith Pepple is interested in professional writing and international relations. She’s from Wenatchee, Washington. Eventually, Faith hopes to use her writing skills in the government or politics.

Madison Wilcox is from Porterville, California, and is a double major in English and Spanish. She came to Southern for the English program and Southern’s reputation for spirituality. Among writers, she’s a fan of C. S. Lewis, T. S. Eliot, and others.