Geologic Column

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Evidence of Earth’s history can be found in the geologic column. Everyone looks at the same rocks and fossils, but because of differing worldviews, the evidence is often interpreted in different ways.

Series A
Series A provides a brief introduction to the geologic column, defines terms, explains how rock layers are formed, and suggests that the Genesis Flood may have provided the conditions necessary to create the geologic column.

GC A1 Geologic Column--Introduction
GC A2 Geologic Column--Some Definitions
GC A3 Geologic Column--Relative Dating
GC A4 Geologic Column--How Did the Layers Form?

Series B
Series B reviews and expands the introduction given in Series A and provides additional details about the fossil record. It explains several lines of evidence that are more consistent with Creation and the Flood than with evolution and describes a creationist hypothesis called Biome Succession. It showcases several Flood evidences and explains the process of radiometric dating in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

GC B1 Introduction to the Geologic Column
GC B2 Important Terminology
GC B3 Formation of Layers
GC B4 Relative Age
GC B5 Discovery and Contents of the Paleozoic
GC B6 Discovery and Contents of the Mesozoic
GC B7 Discovery and Contents of the Cenozoic
GC B8 Does the Geologic Column Show Evolution?
GC B9 Conventional and Short-Age Geology
GC B10 Biome Succession
GC B11 Evidences
GC B12 Radioactive Decay
GC B13 Radiometric Dating
GC B14 Accuracy and Assumptions
GC B15 Radiocarbon Dating