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Challenge Course

A challenge course is a series of experience-based learning activities that involve puzzling games/tasks and perceived risk. Challenges are designed to encourage personal growth and discovery and to facilitate effective communication and trust within a group. The complete experience involves three important parts: group games and initiatives, the low course, and the high course.

During group games and initiatives, our facilitators lead your group through a series of fun games and hypothetical “problems” designed to set an attentive, supportive tone for the rest of the program. The low course continues to develop a supportive atmosphere as group members must work together to solve ground-level physical and mental challenges that require the strengths of the entire group. Finally, each individual has the opportunity to personally experience growth and success through choice and perceived risk on the high course elements while depending on the complete support of the group, which may be up to 40 feet below.

Types of Programs

We offer several options for your experience on our Challenge Course and are capable of hosting groups from eight to125. The following programs are the standard programs that we offer. However, we will attempt to accommodate your needs regarding the length of your program and content.

If you are part of a homeschool or co-op we would love to offer challenge courses for your group.  Our courses are for ages 10 and above, they can climb our 50 foot tower, ride the zip line, glide through the air on a 30-foot-high swing, etc. Participating adults must also pay. Kids under 10 can not participate and must be supervised closely. This event will be located at the Challenge Course by the Outdoor Education Complex at Southern Adventist University.

You may choose to stay afterwards and eat lunch with the group at our impressively large picnic table. Since lunch will be late, you may also want to bring a snack. And don't forget water! If it's cold we will have a campfire going at the Cherokee Council House.

Fill out the program request or email adventureprogramming@southern.edu  to book an event.

Minimum charge for 3 hour program is $350 or $35 per person for groups over 10 people

5 hour program is $450 or $45 per person

Programs can range from 2-6 hours- Discounts may be offered on request. 

A three-hour course provides the opportunity for your group to develop the tools to build a supportive community through games, initiatives, and the low course.
Pricing structure:
3- hours $350 minimum charge for programs under 10 participants; 10 or more participants $35 per person.

4- hours $400 minimum charge for programs under 10 participants;  10 or more participants $40 per person.

Our most popular and preferred program is the Full-Day Course. The day includes a sequence of games, initiatives, and the low course in the morning with the challenges and risk-taking opportunities of the high course in the afternoon.

5.5- hours $450 minimum charge for programs under 10 participants; 10 or more participants $45 per person. Time includes a 30 minute lunch/break.

7 - hours $500 minimum charge for programs under 10 participants; 10 or more participants $50 per person.Time includes a 60 minute lunch/break.

Perceived Risk

The activities on Southern’s Challenge Course have been carefully and professionally designed with the safety of the participant in mind. “Perceived risk” is an important aspect of the course, acting as a catalyst for growth. Each individual is empowered to choose how much “risk” he or she is willing to take.

What can be accomplished:
  • Build confidence
  • Improve problem-solving
  • Learn effective communication
  • Build trust
  • Understand the power of a team
  • Build relationships
  • Take positive risks
  • Try new things
  • Have fun!