Duck Points Program

Fall 2019 Duck Point Activities

  • Below is a list of scheduled activities for the Fall 2019 semester. September is up to date and we will be making slight changes for October, November, and December activities. This program is available to full-time employees and their spouses.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The Duck Points Program is run by Southern Adventist University Employee Wellness program, and the points you get for this will not automatically go to your Health Insurance ( requirements. Please make sure you continue to log into their website to remain on their Accelerate Plan.
  • The goal is to accumulate 70 duck points for the semester. If you or your spouse reach this goal then you will receive a gift card at the end of the semester.
  • You will be in charge of tracking your activity and points. At the end of each month, instructions will be made available on this site and via email for how to report your activity.
  • Record all Fall 2019 Semester Activities by 8 a.m. December 16. Gift cards will be available the afternoon of December 17.

November Link to Record

 12 Days of Wellness

Ascend to Wholeness (Health Insurance Points)

  • Please go to the Ascend to Wholeness website to track your activities.  Please note: these points are required to stay on the Accelerate Plan.
  • You can easily achieve the 80 points for the year. 
    80 points are obtained by inputting your activities (walking, running, eating habits, drinking water, dental cleanings, etc.).  The easiest way to obtain these 80 points is to input your steps.