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Coach's Corner

Craig Johnson

Years With Gym-Masters: New Head Coach 2022

Hometown: Hendersonville, NC

Favorite Areas: Group Stunting

Favorite Bible Verse: Phillipians 3:14

Other Hobbies: Football, Basketball, Traveling

Sayings: “TBD"

These are just a few of Coach’s life achievements:

Craig Johnson, an Associate Professor at Southern Adventist University (SAU) and Head Coach of the SAU Gym-Masters, is a distinguished gymnastics coach and strong advocate for the value of student membership on gymnastics teams. With over 25 years of experience in the sport, Craig has dedicated his life to inspiring students and fostering a sense of community through gymnastics.

A proud product of Seventh-Day Adventist education, Craig's passion for gymnastics developed at an early age during his time as a student member of the Mount Pisgah Academy gymnastics team and later as part of the SAU Gym-Masters. It was during this time that he experienced firsthand the profound impact that gymnastics can have on personal growth and development. Recognizing the immense positive impact that a gymnastics program can have on students, both academically and athletically, Craig made it his mission to create opportunities for young individuals to experience the transformative benefits of gymnastics.

Throughout his career, Craig has served as the Athletic Director and head gymnastics coach at various Seventh-Day Adventist Secondary Schools, to include the establishment of gymnastics programs at Indiana Academy and Captain Gilmer Christian School. As a clinician, he has organized and directed numerous gymnastics, and cheer camps, enabling students to enhance their skills, build confidence, and forge lasting friendships with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Craig strongly believes in the unique role that gymnastics teams play in their communities. Unlike other sports, gymnastics teams have the ability to "perform" for their audiences. This enables them to provide entertainment, unity, and inspiration at places like children’s hospitals, nursing homes, churches, and schools while creating meaningful connections with the community. Craig actively encourages his teams to engage in these activities, instilling in them a sense of responsibility to use their talents to promote a drug free and Christian lifestyle

Craig's unwavering support for student membership on gymnastics teams and his commitment to teaching valuable life skills through the sport have made him a respected figure in the gymnastics community. His coaching expertise, advocacy efforts, and dedication to student development have positively influenced the lives of countless athletes.