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Rick Schwarz

Years With Gym-Masters: Since the fall of 2000

Hometown: Flint, Michigan

Favorite Areas: Tumbling

Favorite Bible Verse: Isaiah 42:6

Other Hobbies: Golfing, Biking

Sayings: “One more time” and “A little better each day”

"Those who know what it is like to work with Rick Schwarz are flooded with feelings, memories, or stories from their years on Gym-Masters or perhaps from his earlier work at schools such as Spring Valley Academy or Andrews University. And even others will remember him from the World Competitions from his years in Acro. Those from Gym-Masters know him best as someone who believes in them and makes them work hard to accomplish their goals. He pushes us to fulfill our roles on the team, but even more than that he keeps the team focused on what’s most important: our relationship with Jesus Christ. Coach is very passionate in what he believes, and it has an impact on the whole team. He believes in God and feels that gymnastics is his avenue to reach others for the King. This is what being a part of this team is all about—winning souls for the kingdom because, in Coach’s words, “This world is not our home.” 
~Sandy Haviland, Gym-Master 2004-2008

These are just a few of Coach’s life achievements:

  • President of the Acrofest committee, for the development of gymnastics in Seventh-day Adventist schools
  • Choreographed routines the Gym-Masters have performed yearly at the Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks Half-time since 2000
  • Choreographed two joint routines, the Gym-Masters performed with gymnasts from Collegedale Academy and Spalding Elementary
  • USA Gymnastics Safety Certified ’99-’03 and ’08-’12
  • National Superior Judge Sports Acrobatics ’97
  • Coached the first-place USA Sports Acrobatics Federation Elite all-around acrobatic team ’94
  • National Men’s Four champion USA Sports Acrobatics ’92 and ‘93