IT Helpdesk

The IT Help Desk issues the official Southern photo I.D. card for students and employees. Your Campus Card is used for purchases, door access, clocking in and out for on-campus work, and more.

We can also help with computer problems at the IT Help Desk. For more information about the computer support services provided, click here.

Think Green

Returning students are encouraged to conserve resources by using their Campus Cards as long as they still work. If you choose to continue using a previously issued card, you may still get an updated picture taken for the Joker (pictorial directory) at the IT Help Desk.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Immediately report a lost or stolen card to the IT Help Desk. Card use is disabled once we receive notice during business hours.

  • Call 423.236.2707 or stop by during business hours.
  • Leave a voicemail message at 423.236.2707 after hours.
  • Use the online form to report a missing Campus Card.

Replacing Your Card

Broken, cracked, or bent cards may be exchanged for a new card at the IT Help Desk at no charge. Replacements without turning in the old card cost $15, which may be charged to the student account.


Mon-Thur   8am - 5pm

8am - 1pm


Phone   423.236.2707

Wright Hall 2201

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