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The Marketing and University Relations employees are the brand and brand identity specialists of Southern Adventist University. To cover campus needs, department personnel have expertise in a variety of marketing and public relations areas. Whether through graphic design, writing, web, or other communications initiatives, their job is to make the entire university team look polished and united.

Using the services of Marketing and University Relations guarantees that an experienced professional assists you with meeting the goals set for your projects while also making sure your project expresses the university brand. The creative services of the Marketing and University Relations professionals are free.

Editorial Manager: Janell Hullquist

The editorial manager is responsible for creating and monitoring the written communications of Southern Adventist University and serves as a key member of the team responsible for shaping the marketing and communications strategy.

Director: Isaac James

The Director of Marketing and University Relations helps facilitate the comprehensive and integrated marketing communications plan to increase understanding, support, and communication of the university mission and goals to all the university's public, both internally and externally. The office's work includes community relations, public relations, publications, advertising, media relations, web and internet communication, special event marketing, and recruitment and advancement initiatives.

Digital Engagement Manager: Shana Michalek

The Digital Engagement Manager develops content that reaches Southern Adventist University constituents by leading, developing, and implementing the university’s social and digital advertising strategy. This position focuses on analytics, testing, and optimization as well as social campaigns and online relationship development.

Graphic Design Manager: Ryan Pierce

The graphic designer supervises and implements the majority of the graphic design needs of the university and is a key member of the creative team that oversees all marketing and communication activities for Southern Adventist University.

Website Development Manager: Ben Schnell

The Website Development Manager works closely with the Director of Marketing and University Relations to create and implement the strategy and goals for the university website, digital advertising, and social media efforts. As a full stack developer, this position requires a high level of website design and development proficiency.

Vice President: Ingrid Skantz

The Vice President for Marketing and University Relations is responsible for internal monitoring and external communication of the Southern brand. The vice president leads comprehensive efforts to increase understanding, support, and conveyance of the university mission and goals with all university publics.

Project and Planning Manager: Tina Smith

As the central project coordinator and chief client liaison, the project and planning manager is a key member of the creative team responsible for shaping the marketing and communications strategy for Southern Adventist University.