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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions that are frequently asked by students. If your question has not been answered here, please contact Records and Advisement at 423.236.2899 or records@southern.edu


If you're a current or accepted student, sign in, go to Academics>Register for Courses.

You can view the available classes using the Course Schedule, and then you can add those classes to your course cart.

If you are a new student and do not currently have a website account to sign in to, you'll need to visit the Online Registration management page.

When you register, if there are any holds on your account, those must be taken care of before you are able to register.

  • Financial Hold—contact the Student Finance office at 423.236.2535 or your finance counselor
  • Health Services Hold—contact Health Services at 423.236.2713
  • Transcript Hold—contact the Records main number at 423.236.2899 or Sandy Tucker at 423.236.2898
  • Prerequisite Hold or Other Holds—contact the Records main number at 423.236.2899 or Tami Wery at 423.236.2397

If you’re interested in auditing a class, there are some important things to remember.

Students can sign up to audit a class only during the first week of instruction. In order to register for an audit class, students must visit the Records office during or before that first week. After the first week, it will be too late to change from credit to audit (or from audit to credit).

Auditing is allowed provided the student has approval from both the professor and the department or school. Students must also be qualified to take the class and will be admitted only if there are places left after all other students who wish to enroll for credit have been accommodated.

Students taking nine or more undergraduate hours for credit may audit any additional classes for free (as long as the requirements have been met).

Students taking eight or fewer undergraduate hours for credit will be charged half of the regular tuition rate.

For all audited classes, a grade of “AU” will be given at the end of the semester. Class attendance is expected but reports and exams may be omitted. No credit is given for an audited course.

How do I access my book list?

Click Academics on the bar above and then click My Book List.

Click Academics on the bar above and then click My Book List.

For both undergraduate and graduate students, if you've been gone for a semester or longer, your program has been automatically deactivated. Please fill out the online Reactivation form to reinstate your program.

If you applied but have never attended, or if you have never applied, please fill out the online Application.

Add/Drop Forms must be used to add/drop classes after the first week of the semester.  You can fill out the add/drop e-form and it will automatically route to receive the necessary signatures.   The system will send your form to obtain your adviser's signature as well as the instructor's signature of the class that you are adding/dropping. If adding/dropping the class brings your credit load down below 12 credit hours, it will also be sent to obtain your financial adviser's signature also.  Once completed the form will be sent to the Records & Advisement Office for processing.  You will receive an email confirmation with the results of your request.


Normal processing for paper transcripts is typically one to three business days, then sent either by regular mail, electronic PDF, or FedEx Overnight Delivery. PDF transcripts are typically sent within one business day.

Please be aware that this normal processing time is dependent upon whether you have any financial or loan holds. Those holds will delay the process, and if they are not taken care of within 30 days, your order will automatically cancel (you will be refunded any transcript fees if your order is canceled)

Yes. The Clearinghouse charges a $2.50 processing fee for each destination. The PDF surcharge is an additional $1.75 and the FedEx "Priority Overnight" delivery service is an extra $25 charge.

When you submit your order, a preauthorization charge will appear on your card, but your card will not be charged until the transcript has been sent. If for any reason the order is canceled, the charge will be automatically refunded to your card.

When you order your transcript online, you will be presented with the option to upload documents to be sent with your transcript. We accept PDF, JPG/JPEG, and DOC/DOCX file types.

Yes, the Clearinghouse is secure and FERPA-compliant. It is used by hundreds of schools across the country for transcript ordering. Your personal information will be kept safe. If you have questions or concerns, please visit the National Student Clearinghouse privacy commitment page. 

You can track the status of your order. Just go to the National Student Clearinghouse main page, select Southern Adventist University and click Submit, and on the Welcome Center page, enter your order number and email address in the "Track Your Order" box on the right. The Clearinghouse will also keep you up-to-date with emails when your order status changes. 

Yes, but you'll need to work directly with the Records & Advisement office to obtain it. Please contact our office at 423.236.2972 or 423.236.2897, or email transcripts@southern.edu.

We are not able to send official transcripts if you have an outstanding financial obligation to Southern. However, you may receive your unofficial transcript by submitting the unofficial transcript request form, either in person at our office or by faxing/emailing/mailing the form (it can be found here on the Transcripts page).

Yes, official transcripts can be sent as a PDF to any email address. To make a request, follow the process beginning on the Transcripts page.

Yes, you can ignore the SSN field as long as you include your student ID number.

If you do not want to include your SSN because of concerns about your security and confidentiality, please refer to question 4. Records & Advisement and the National Student Clearinghouse are bound by confidentiality laws and will not share any of your sensitive information.

Student Records

Undergraduate Students: use the online Request to change Major/Minor/Adviser form

Graduate Students: use the online Request to Change Graduate Degree/Emphasis form

Fill out either the online Change of Legal Name request or visit the Records office to complete it in person.

In order for your name to be changed, please provide a copy of the appropriate legal documentation, such as a marriage license/certificate, divorce papers, citizenship, or court order.

Return the documents to our office, either by email to lhess@southern.edu, fax to 423.236.1899, deliver them in person, or mail them to Records & Advisement, P.O. Box 370, Collegedale, TN 37315.

Social Security cards and passports are acceptable in some situations, such as if our records are incomplete. Driver's licenses are only acceptable for correcting misspellings. In the case of a simple mistake or correction, the Change of Legal Name request is not required.

Use the Address Change form to update your contact details.  If you do not have access to your Southern account you may send an email with your name and ID number, along with your requested address/phone changes, to addresschange@southern.edu

To add or remove a parent/relative from your grade access, log in to the My Access and follow these steps:

1. Academics>My Academic Profile>Manage Access

2. If you see the desired parent/relative listed, click "Send Invitation to Create Account." If the box is gray, click Grant or Revoke Access to change grade and statement access.

3. Check or un-check the boxes to grant or revoke grade/statement access.

If your parent/relative is not listed, contact the Campus Card Desk at 423.236.2707

Visit the Parking Registration page and click either "Start Here" or "Log In Here" to start the registration process.

Other Questions

The Southern Adventist University catalog is only available online.

If you have questions about how to use the catalog, feel free to contact our office at 423.236.2899 or records@southern.edu and we can guide you through the site.

Yes, Records & Advisement usually has several student workers. When a position becomes available, it will be posted on the Human Resources website. Inquiries should be submitted to Karon Powell, director of Records, at 423.236.2895 or kpowell@southern.edu.

The Records & Advisement office is on the main floor of Wright Hall, on the left side of the right hallway, across from Student Finance.