What is a waitlist?
A waitlist is an electronic list of students who would like to enroll in a closed course. Waitlisting does NOT guarantee enrollment into a course. Waitlisted students must meet all registration requirements, including time conflicts and prerequisite requirements.

Why should I use the waitlist?

  • It eliminates the need to constantly check class limits hoping to find an open spot.
  • Once on the waitlist, students will be notified as enrollment opens up creating a worry free option to enroll into your desired course.
  • It provides the opportunity to observe how many students are requesting a specific section and will allow decisions in real time on changing course limits or adding additional sections.
  • Eliminates the paper ADD form.

How do I place myself on the waitlist?
For detailed instructions on how to add yourself to a waitlist, click here.

Can I place myself on more than one waitlist?
Yes, you can add to more than one waitlist for different subjects but you cannot add to more than one waitlist for different sections of the same course.
If you register for one section of a course and then add yourself to a waitlist for a different section of the same course, it will not allow you to register for a new section while currently registered for a different section.

How will I know if a seat in the course becomes available?
Based on the ranking of the waitlist, as seats become available, students will be notified through email that a spot has opened for them in the course. Students will have 1 day to either accept the seat and register themselves for the course or decline and drop the course from their waitlist.
If a student does not accept the seat or resolve any outstanding holds within the 1 day, then the waitlist spot will expire. It is important to check your email while on a waitlist to ensure you receive all messages.

Should I go to the first class if I am on the waitlist?
No. You should only attend class if you are notified that you have been registered for the course.

What if I am on the waitlist and no seat becomes available?
If no seats become available on the waitlist, contact your adviser for help to select another course.

Can my instructor add me to the waitlist?
Only the student themselves or the Records Office can add a student to the waitlist.

Can I tell where I am on the waitlist?
Contact the Records Office for assistance.