Frequently Asked Questions

McKee Library features multiple artists throughout the academic year. If you are an artist or know of someone who is interested in exhibiting their work, please email Melissa Hortemiller at We accept most mediums and themes as long as the works follow university guidelines. Students are encouraged to exhibit their works, so please share this information widely.

Q: How should I prepare my art for display?

A: The library uses a hook-and-wire hanging system, so all art pieces must come equipped with a wire on the back for hanging.

 Q: For how long is each exhibit on display?

A: Generally about four months: (Jan/Feb/Mar/April; May/June/July/August; Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec)

 Q: How many pieces can be in an exhibit?

A: This depends greatly on the size of the pieces, but it is possible for us to hang as many as 30-50 pieces. The gallery wall on second floor can accommodate approximately 14 average-size pieces. The exhibition area on first floor can accommodate approximately 28 average-size pieces, in sets.  

 Q: Can there be an exhibit with fewer pieces?

A: Yes.

 Q: What types of art can be displayed?

A: We are open to all sorts of art and mediums, as long as they follow the moral guidelines of the university (no nudity; no depictions of questionable behavior; no profanity).

 Q: In addition to art, is there anything the artist must provide?

A: Yes. Artists must provide a statement about the exhibit/artist of 150-300 words. This will be displayed as interpretive signage near the artwork so viewers can read the statement(s) and understand what they are seeing. If you would like to include a picture with the statement you may, but this is not required. In addition, artists must provide text for a business-card size information panel to be placed near each piece in the exhibit, detailing: title of work, medium (if applicable), artist (if the display involves more than one artist), and a note about the piece (if desired). Examples of such statements may be found at this link:

 Q: Is there anything to sign?

A: All artists must sign an art exhibit agreement that stating that McKee Library is not liable for any damage. (We’ve never had any damage to any of our artwork.) Artists are also asked if their works can be posted on KnowledgeExchange@Southern, Southern Adventist University's institutional repository. Addition to the repository is optional, but encouraged. Works are posted on KnowledgeExchange@Southern with a Creative Commons 4.0 International license.

 Q: I am interested in exhibiting my work. What do I do next?

A: Email to register your interest. Please include some photos of your artwork.