Group Study Rooms Policy

A total of eight rooms are available for use by students, faculty, and staff. They can be reserved for studying, media viewing, and preparing projects. All eight rooms have dry erase boards. Two of the rooms have projectors, screens, DVD/VHS players, and connections for computer display through the projectors. A third room is equipped with a 32" LCD screen with a built-in DVD player and has connections for VHS and computer display.


  1. Group study rooms can be reserved by Southern Adventist University students, faculty, and staff.
  2. Study rooms are primarily meant for groups. The persons whose name is on the reservation must be in the room. The name of the reservation must match the email address provided. Individuals are encouraged to use a study carrel or tables on the main floor and second floor. A silent study area on the second floor is also available for individual study.
  3. Reservations for room 017 and the presentation lab require that you leave a photo ID at the circulation desk prior to your reservation. Your ID will be returned when the room has been checked by the desk worker for neatness. 
  4. Rooms can be reserved up to 30 days in advance, up to a maximum of three hours per day. The hours do not have to be sequential, nor must the reservations be for the same room.
  5. Users should select a room appropriately sized to their study group. Smaller groups please use smaller rooms to keep larger rooms free for larger groups.
  6. The primary purpose of the media viewing rooms (#017, #108, #138 , and #226A) is for media/computer projection. Groups who will not be using projection resources should select a different room, if one is available.
  7. Rooms can be reserved online at
  8. Upon arrival, users must sign in at the Circulation desk (for main floor rooms) or Media desk (for second floor rooms). Failure to do so will result in the loss of a reservation. Rooms are held for 15 minutes and then forfeited.
  9. Users must not disturb other library patrons.
  10. Users must clean and straighten the room when finished. They should turn off all equipment used, cap pens, erase boards, turn out lights, put trash in can, and close door. Users are responsible for any damage or loss.
  11. Users must return all borrowed materials to proper locations.
  12. Use of a room implies consent to follow the policies and rules of the library.
  13. Reports of misuse may result in denial of room reservation privileges and other library services.
  14. Special requests for atypical room use will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Users should contact a library team member in advance if they have a unique need.



  1. Reserve the room online at
  2. Go to Circulation desk for access to first-floor rooms or the Media desk for access to second-floor rooms.
  3. The group representative is to sign in. Failure to sign in will result in the loss of a reservation. Rooms are held for 15 minutes and then forfeited.
  4. The group representative is to sign out to the proper desk upon vacating the room.

For additional information about group study rooms, please contact:

Carol Harrison, Circulation and Reserves Manager