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If you are willing to get a little sawdust on your clothes or a little grease under your fingernails, then there is a world of benefit awaiting you at the Technology Department. There are some great careers to be found in the technical arena, and often they pay as well as or better than some of the professional careers that many college graduates pursue. Our Technology programs lead to qualifications for a real job market where there are well-paying jobs that are in high demand.

These offerings are for anyone. Even those who are pursuing other professional careers find that the knowledge about how things work and how to make and fix things is a tremendous benefit throughout life. For example, knowing details about cars and how they work comes in handy when talking to repair professionals because you know the questions to ask and are familiar with how the different components work.

At the very least, experience with these hands-on practical skills challenges a person to think analytically, which results in a well-rounded person or as we used to say, "it develops good common sense." While studying alternators in the Auto Service program, one student said, "Hey, this is neat; this is applied physics." As this student observed, Technology courses address more than just twisting wrenches or banging nails. A lot of technical knowledge is necessary in order  to put something together and students get a lot of satisfaction when it comes out right.

If you are looking for a great career or if you just want to learn how fix your car or build a cabinet, then you should consider one of our courses or programs.

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