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When the first simulator arrived at Southern 17 years ago, it was promptly adopted by professors and students as the go-to practice model. When technology changed, the simulator family grew; Southern added an adult simulator and then a pediatric one. Later, Victoria, the obstetric simulator, came to campus and began teaching students the skills of labor, delivery, and recovery. More are on the way.

The simulator family needs a bigger house. 

Right now, limitations of space and time with the simulators means that students can routinely only interact with a simulator once per semester. This dramatically reduces students’ ability to prepare for countless scenarios they will experience in the field.

Miller Hall, a space used for many academic purposes over the years, is being renovated—including an elevator for improved accessibility—to become the School of Nursing’s dedicated simulation center. 

Victoria will have her own labor, delivery, and recovery space on the second floor. The med-surg and peds simulators will be downstairs, each in their own designated space. Each simulator space will have its own control center and software for students to record the experience and debrief afterward. Additional simulators will be added to give students more practice time and exposure to real-life situations that develop clinical judgment and critical thinking.

Simply put, the more time students spend practicing simulations, the better prepared they are to care for real patients.

Total Funds Pledged and Raised for New Sim Labs


Total Funds Required to Complete New Sim Labs


“During our Childbearing Family class, simulators give students an engaging visual to match theory with clinical practice. The students have an opportunity to ask questions in real-time about things they don’t understand. They will often get out of their seats to see better, take pictures, and immerse themselves in the simulation experience. Students observe the nuances of maternal-infant care firsthand and their faces light up when it clicks! As a result, they are much more confident as they care for real patients in labor or postpartum recovery.” 

LaShawn Horton, ’90, PhD, MSN, RN, CNE 
Southern Adventist University 
Professor of Nursing


Miller Hall is being renovated to accommodate new simulation labs and other spaces integral for training the next generation of nurses.

Large Simulation Lab
Large Simulation Lab
Small Simulation Lab
Small Simulation Lab
Simulation Control Room
Simulation Control Room
Student Lounge in Simulation Center
Student Lounge in Simulation Center
Floor Plans (First Floor)
Floor Plans (First Floor)
Floor Plans (Second Floor)
Floor Plans (Second Floor)


Southern welcomes your support of our new nursing simulation center! To date, funds supporting the simulation center have come from operations, private gifts, and corporate donations. Southern is seeking additional gifts to cover the remaining costs. Start-up costs include equipment purchases, renovation expenses, and a program endowment. Initial expenses include:


Bonnie HuntProfessor Bonnie Hunt dedicated 45 years to serving the School of Nursing via her own vocational mission: ASAP (Assisting Students to Achieve Professionally). Many students credit this program—especially her individualized study plans and encouragement—for helping them pass their State Board Exam or NCLEX and succeed in nursing.

We invite you to celebrate this investment in students by making a gift toward a named space for Bonnie within the new simulation labs. A special $40,000 matching opportunity will help alumni and friends of Southern maximize their impact and further honor the legacy of this beloved nursing leader on our campus.

Gifts of support for the simulation lab space to be named after Bonnie Hunt can be made online (select from the pulldown menu).
“Southern’s investment in simulation is critical to equip the next generation of nurses to serve their patients and communities at the highest level. I’m excited that these students will be able to acquire essential skills with cutting-edge training spaces and tools that support the mission Southern nurses have to provide quality care and to improve health outcomes locally and globally.” 

Jennifer Wenzel, ’91, PhD, RN
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Director of PhD and Postdoctoral Programs

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