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The Referral Process

  1. Referral
    • The Student Success Team (SST) receives referrals from anyone (faculty, staff, dean, adviser, students, parents, etc.).
    • Referrals can be made by:filling out the SST Referral Form online, by calling our office at 423.236.2838, or by sending an email to SST. Faculty have access to our new referral tracking system and can refer students using their class rosters. 
    • Referrals are initially assigned to the SST Chair, Cheri Durst, who connects with the student and then assigns a Student Success Manager (SSM) to continue the process.
  1. Notification
    • Referral source is notified that their referral has been received and processed.
    • Contact attempts are made by phone, email, text, and with assistance from residence hall deans.
    • Outcomes are reported to the referral source, professors, academic adviser, SST, parents (if applicable), and Academic Review Committee.
  1. Case Management
    • All academic probation students are automatically assigned to an SSM at the beginning of the semester.
    • SSM gathers information from professors by sending Academic Progress Report survey link.
    • SSM assesses the student's well-being and reviews grades along with academic progress at each meeting.
    • SSM meets with students on a regular basis to develop a personalized action plan.
    • Every effort will be made to connect with students who have been referred, however, we respect the student’s right to refuse services.

Faculty can now refer students from their course roster. All others must fill out the SST Referral form.