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Student Success Team

In January 2003, the Student Intervention Team (now called Student Success Team) was formed to focus on the retention of students who are failing and may be at-risk for withdrawal from the university. The team consists of staff from various departments with instructions to meet weekly during the fall and winter semesters to consider the names submitted. 

In the 2011-2012 academic year, four graduate students were hired as part of the team. Since that time, we have included upper-level undergraduate students, as well. These student workers or Student Success Managers (SSM) are trained to assist with many different study techniques and can help students connect to other campus resources. 

Through the years the team has changed many times; however, the focus is still the same, helping students who are struggling to access the tools and resources that can help them be successful and achieve their academic goals.

How to Create Referrals

Student Success topics include:

* How I Learn * Organization & Time Management * Effective Note-taking * Test Taking Strategies * Reducing Stress * Overcoming Anxiety


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