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The Center for Teaching Excellence and Biblical Foundations of Faith and Learning (CTE-BFFL) supports Southern's new faculty by providing New Faculty Orientation (NFO), an annual teaching seminar. The NFO is typically held one week before the start of the fall term each year; you should receive additional information and invitations to the NFO from your departmental chair or representative. 

Helpful Information:

Information to help you plan and facilitate a successful first day of class.

A list of terms (and acronyms) frequently used in Higher Education in the United States.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Professional Development

Faculty may be interested in the following opportunities, which promote and facilitate collegiate, interdisciplinary interaction:

Faculty Showcase: Faculty Showcases are scheduled the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every school month September through April, except for the 4th Wednesday in November and December. These showcases feature faculty sharing ideas for teaching Biblical Foundations and a pedagogy item each showcase. Biblical foundations for faith and learning, opportunities will be present to share what you are doing, what has worked well, and what you have learned about teaching from a Biblical perspective within your discipline.

Teach3: Teach3 (Teachers Teaching Teachers) have been designed to provide faculty a forum for discussing ways to strengthen teaching pedagogy, and educational strategies. 

Professional Development Videos: The center office has a small collection of videos that can be checked out for individual viewing. Magna's video-based programs designed to answer a specific question related to teaching and learning. They deliver actionable insights in highly focused presentations designed to fit busy schedules.

Summer Institute: The Summer Institute is a one week faculty development opportunity offered each summer with a focus on the incorporation of Biblical foundations for faith and learning in course development, student-centered pedagogies will be showcased. Also emphasized are use of university resources and technology to support learner outcomes. Participating faculty will design or redesign one course of their choosing to create a highly interactive learning environment.