Professional Development

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Educational delivery in Higher Education is changing rapidly, but the paramount question at an Adventist Christian Institution of Higher Education remains, "How are you sharing your faith within the framework of a Biblical worldview" and "How does your biblical perspective shape your classroom teaching?"

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The Center of Teaching Excellence and Biblical Founadtions of Faith and Learning supports faculty (professors, associate/assistant professors, and instructors) on Southern's campus in academic affairs, which include all schools and departments.

Wednesday's professional development opportunities - Faculty Showcase,  Pedagogy and TechBytes - have been designed to provide faculty a forum for discussing ways to strengthen biblical foundations for faith and learning, teaching pedagogy, and educational strategies. Opportunities will be present to share what you are doing, what has worked well, and what you have learned about teaching from a Biblical perspective within your discipline. We collaborate with various departments on campus to provide comprehensive professional development support for SAU's full time and part-time faculty and staff.

The Summer Institute is a one-week faculty development opportunity offered each summer with a focus on the incorporation of biblical foundations for faith and learning in course development; student-centered pedagogies will be showcased. Also emphasized are use of university resources and technology to support learner outcomes. Participating faculty will design or redesign one course of their choosing to create a highly interactive learning environment.

CTE-BFFL also has a small collection of videos that can be checked out for individual viewing. Magna's video-based programs designed to answer a specific question related to teaching and learning. They deliver actionable insights in highly focused presentations designed to fit busy schedules.