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2018-2019 Faculty Showcase

August 22

Tailoring your Course Evaluations

Bob Young, Beth Scott, Paul Irwin
Student End of Course Evaluations: Roast or Toast? When reading your end of course student evaluations, have you felt as if you were the guest of honor at a "roast"? If yes, then come and hear the latest about Southern student end-of-course evaluations and the changes being implemented to remove the perception of faculty roast to faculty "toast" (a.k.a useful feedback)!

August 29

Professional Development Tracking System

Ryan Harrell

You've been asking for it, and we finally have it! Register for our new faculty development automated attendance tracking system, and be prepared to access accurate reports of your future faculty development attendance.


Greg Merchant

Want to get the year off to a stellar start? Set yourself up for success by joining us at Faculty Showcase and learn more about the eClass gradebook options available to you and how to avoid the most common gradebook mistakes.


September 12

Student Support Services Overview of Services Available to Students and How Faculty Access

Dennis Negron, Jim Wampler, Daniel Olson, Cheri Durst, Sonja Fordham, Katie McGrath

Join us for a discussion on Student Support Services that have been designed to set students up for success in a variety of ways. You'll get the latest updates on how students can access and utilize key services across campus. Each student can benefit from support in the areas of physical and emotional health, adjusting to college, careers, study skills, tutoring and research. You'll be well prepared to assist if and when they approach you for guidance.

September 26


ENGL 101 & ENGL 102 Gen Ed/Biblical Foundations for ENGL 101 and 102

Keely Tary, Amanda Livanos, Kathy Goddard, Linda Tym, Laurie Stankovich

In a culture that disseminates inaccurate information, learning how to evaluate (rather than consume) and to produce thought of value is more important than ever. Intentionally fostering the practice and growth of critical thinking skills will equip students for success in this life and the next. We are excited to share how biblical foundations and critical thinking in first-year writing can help students become thinkers and not mere reflectors.

McKee Library Website Top 5 Features for Faculty

Deyse Bravo, Jessica Spears

At the request of faculty, staff, and students, McKee Library worked with Marketing and University Relations throughout the academic year to redesign the library's website. In May 2018, the library's new website officially launched. New additions to the website include a course reserves search, Google Scholar search, Citation Search, and Information Literacy Modules, to name a few. Faculty and students each have a separate landing page. These pages provide direct access to the resources needed by each group. Come learn the top five features of the new McKee Library website and how they can help you in the classroom.

October 10

Can You Really Eat Vanilla and Strawberry Ice Cream Together?

Dale Jacobson

I will explore the multitude of grading systems used a Southern. We will attempt to understand why each is used, and does it really make sense. We will delve into what a grade should mean. Is it the same for all disciplines, should it be and why? When I came to teach at Southern I was astounded at the very broad definitions of the letter grades. We will try to come to a unified understanding of it all. I will use examples from my Gen Ed class MATH 215, Statistics.

Service Learning Records

Jennifer Carter, Robert Ordóñez, Scott Anderson

Encouraging students to build their service focused co-curricular transcript. We want our students to develop a mindset of service and not just to fulfill bare minimum requirements. By working on their co-curricular transcript requirements, it will demonstrate there is more to them than their GPA. It will give them a competitive edge and set them apart from other applicants.

October 17


Faculty Showcase Field Trip: Hulsey Wellness Center

Don Mathis, Darren Bissel, Aspen Scott, Joseph Suffriti

Are you leaving money on the table? Come and find out for yourself what is available to Faculty and Staff at the Hulsey Wellness Center on Wednesday, October 17, at our first Faculty Showcase Field Trip for this school year. Lunch will be served in Room 3135 of Hulsey between 12 p.m. to 12:50 p.m. Plan to come and learn the latest about what is available to you as a benefit of being an employee at Southern Adventist University. Covers fitness floor, swimming lessons, water aerobics, 30-foot inside climbing wall, inside/outside walking tracks, personal trainers, and human performance lab.


October 24

Students' Perceptions of Activities of Daily Living and Spirituality

Ronda Christman

It is so beneficial to get outside of our comfort zone and collaborate. Interprofessional collaborative practice is very important for us professors and beneficial for our students. Come hear how the students perceptions of activities of daily living and spirituality study was created and blossomed into an international study.

Come Prepared to Move!

Mike Boyd

We all know that sitting for six or more hours a day significantly increases our chances for disease and weight gain. We also know that our jobs often require large amounts of time to be spent at our desks grading, planning, writing... Is there a way to beat this conundrum? This presentation will introduce practical moves and simple actions that will increase your daily activity and your work efficiency. Come prepared to move!

October 31

Google Chrome Profiles

Ryan Harrell

Have you ever felt the pain of trying to manage multiple work and personal user accounts across different web services or been concerned about personal data and work data getting mixed? Come learn how to separate your personal life and your work life on the web using Google Chrome profiles.

How Do You Collect Venom from Spiders? An Interdepartmental Collaboration

David Nelsen

Venom extraction is a time-consuming and potentially dangerous endeavor; however, it is necessary if we want to understand these complex and fascinating cocktails. The most common method of venom extraction is involuntary expression through electrical stimulation. Very little research exists that investigates best practices for expressing venom electrically, while minimizing stress and damage to the animals. The departments of biology, computing, and online campus have embarked on a project that seeks to establish best practices for venom expression through electrical milking.

November 14

Adventism and Video Games: A New Approach to Ministry

Jesse Rademacher

Traditional Adventism has typically eschewed video games due to violent or unwholesome content. But are we missing a valuable tool in proclaiming the Gospel? In this presentation I will demonstrate My Place With Jesus, a video game we designed as a ministry tool for It Is Written, and discuss the pros and cons of using this medium for ministry.

Biblical Foundations in Science and Math Courses

Ken Caviness

A recurring question when talking about Biblical Foundations of Faith and Learning is, "Yes, but can the Bible be used to teach a subject in my field?" The implied expected answer is, of course, "No!" Some have summarized their attitude about this question with the one-liner: "You can't teach calculus from the Bible."
Ken Caviness shares some of his thoughts and changing perspective on Biblical Foundations in science and math courses, after three decades of teaching physics and mathematics at university-level Seventh-day Adventist institutions, including Issues in Physical Science and Religion for 20+ years at Southern.

November 28

Summer Institute Participation Results

Camila Espina

Based on her unique experience as a first-time adjunct at Southern Adventist University, Professor Espina's Faculty Showcase Presentation will focus on how the Summer Institute program was instrumental for her course development, specifically in regard to creating a strong biblical foundation for the course.

How I Use Outdoor Adventure to Teach Leadership

Doug Brown

The shadows from the small candle on the counter dance off the diamond-shaped frosty imprints on the single pane glass of the mountain hut and remind us how grateful we are to be in here where it is warm by the huge wood stove, but we wouldn't trade the experience we just had today for anything in the world.... During this short presentation, I will share how we use outdoor adventure to foster leadership development in our students.

January 9

Using the eClass Calendar

Eddy Witzel

The eClass calendar is an easy way to see when assignments are due in eClass. Any activity with a date and time in eClass is automatically on the eClass calendar. Both students and faculty can view all assignments that are due. The calendar can be viewed for a single class or across all classes. Clicking on a specific date will show all eClass assignments that are due that day. The student or faculty can click on the go to activity link and it will go to the assignment where it can be submitted or graded.

Vision: All SAU Graduates are Jesus' Disciples

Faith Laughlin

Since fall semester of 2009, we have had an emphasis in discipline, and disciple making in the Teacher Education Program here at Southern. This presentation will highlight the content of the lessons as well as anecdotal observations of the results of that emphasis.

January 23

Resumé Development

Daniel Olson

A great resume can put students one step closer to landing their desired internships or jobs. This session will share tips you can share with students.

Experiencing the Biblical Foundation of Branding

Randy Craven

Last summer I participated in the Summer Institute in order to develop a Biblical foundation for a course on branding that I was teaching for the first time. As the semester unfolded, I observed that the foundation principle I had decided upon really enhanced the learning that took place. I had locked the Biblical foundation in very early, so when I later chose a textbook, I was grateful to see how the foundation principle dovetailed so well with its philosophy, my course goals, and with industry practices that encourage the application of the foundation principle. My intention is to share the fascinating connections between the practice of branding and Christianity.

January 30


Faculty Showcase Field Trip (Catering by Culinary Arts)

Chris Stewart, Mandy Sharpe

Physical Therapist Assistants are paraprofessionals who work with a physical therapist to improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit the permanent disability of patients suffering from injury or disease. Please join us for a field trip to the new PTA department. Located in Fleming Plaza near the Campus Shop, Suite 1700. See the new department with a tour of the facility and learn about what this program has to offer.

February 13

Teaching Counseling from a Biblical Foundation

Tami Navalon

One thing about participating in Summer Institute is it will inspire you to think about Christ's example in all we do and teach. Counseling is a field ripe with evidence of His teachings; for as our Creator, He knows our hearts, our minds, and is acquainted with our grief and suffering. One of my many goals as a professor in this field is to help students make the connection between His character, and their practice. I look forward to sharing with you a little about what I have learned and aspire to teach.

Making Art in Faith

Donald Keefe

Do changing attitudes regarding religion in contemporary art create new opportunities for Christian artists to reach secular audiences?
I will discuss Christianity in contemporary art and my attempt to develop a personal and pedagogical philosophy for sharing faith through art. I will link this to a prophetic and mission oriented calling as understood by Seventh-day Adventists.

February 27


Understanding Creation: Undergraduate Research in Biology

Aaron Corbit

To most undergraduate students, science is a large body of knowledge, delivered in the form of dense lectures and thick textbooks, which must be memorized and regurgitated on exams. Aaron Corbit will share how undergraduate research can teach students the true nature of science and how this can have spiritual application. He will also share some of the undergraduate research projects he has been involved in over the last few semesters.

Developing Student Leadership

Michelle Doucoumes

How do we help them reach their potential? How do we give them freedom yet structure and direction? How can we use our Biblical Foundations to mentor and guide students in their leadership development journey? Michelle is still learning! But she will share from her experience working with student-led teams in the classroom, the Enactus program, SALT, and other student-led initiatives.

March 13

Dartfish: Merging Movement Knowledge with Video Analysis

Rod Bussey

The integration of video technology in the analysis of sports performance and physical rehabilitation is empowering students to apply learned knowledge in a hands-on and practical method. Students in Rod Bussey's Biomechanics class are learning how to use Dartfish, a world class video analysis technology that is used by thousands of athletes, coaches, and healthcare practitioners. He will share some of the tools and application skills that students are acquiring for their respective fields.

Summer Institute Experience

Pablo Fernandez

I would like to share my experience on Summer Institute (summer summit) as a new employee. Participating on this week of training around more experienced professors helped me to a) receive valuable advice, tips of the trade and feedback, b) develop mentor connections, and c) explore class-partnering between schools opportunities.


March 27

A Global View: Fostering Understanding

Adrienne Royo

Frequently, students, faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, and other interested parties, contact the Modern Languages Department with queries about our language offerings, ACA, our faculty, credentials, etc. This presentation intends to answer some of the most common questions, enhancing a global understanding of who and what we are, as a department.

Beauty, Art, and God

Giselle Hasel

The term "Avant Guard" describes the introduction of a new concept, just as nature was God's first canvass to express His love for humanity. Aesthetics in nature, or God's art, becomes an invitation to enter a relationship with Him. Nature and art are thus the counterparts of relationship which can become the highest form of expressing worship of the Creator of all things.


April 10

Two Strategies for Better Critical Reading

Laurie Stankavich

In this presentation, I will talk about two critical reading strategies that I use in my classes. The first is a simple, three-step process to deepen engagement and help students catch the main idea. The other strategy uses critical thinking terms to lead to deeper understanding of a text. While I have used the strategies in writing and ESL classes, I imagine that they would also be quite effective for helping students who need to thoroughly understand and synthesize concepts from textbooks and other readings. The ability to read effectively is crucial, for many, if not most of our disciplines. Since helping students to read effectively (and sometimes at all) is also a perennial challenge, I hope that these strategies will add value for others across campus.

My Grand Vision for SAU: Building Professional Development into General Biology and Beyond

David Nelsen

Since coming to work at Southern, David has been tasked with creating a General Biology II lab program that complements and expands upon the foundation established in General Biology I labs. After five years of working on this project, David is ready to share how his vision for the Biology department, and Southern as a whole, has shaped the creation of this unique lab experience. In addition, David will share how students perceive these labs both while they are engaged in them and later, as they continue to progress within their degrees.

April 24


The Grace to Teach

Sunia Fukofuka

The purpose of Adventist Education is to restore the image of God in fallen humanity. We will not be able to achieve this purpose through transactional teaching. To restore the image of God in fallen humanity, our teaching must be transformational! It is only when we teach with grace, because of grace, and by grace that transformation happens.

Journalism as a Calling

Alva Johnson

Journalism has played a crucial role in American society over the decades, but have you ever viewed it as a calling? In this presentation, I will discuss ways in which the field aligns well with traditional Adventist beliefs and how it can be used to inspire a new generation of truth-seekers for public service.

 2017-2018 Faculty Showcase

August 23


Academic Support Services

Jim Wampler, Cheri Durst, Katie McGrath, Sonja Fordham

Our first Faculty Showcase is all about helping students succeed! Academic support services from across campus will discuss the recent restructurings and how faculty and students can maximize the services now available. The following presenters will share what is available in their area: Jim Wampler, Student Support Services.

September 13


Biblical Foundation in Course Design

Karen Powell

A question is often asked when redesigning existing courses—How do you create a biblical foundation as your focal point versus making the "biblical foundation" fit the existing course? Karon Powell spent time this summer redesigning preexisting courses and will share her process.

Why Research Makes Me a Better Teacher

Daniel Reynaud

For those of us in Adventist universities, research can often seem irrelevant or intrusive in our main business of teaching and mentoring our students. But research can be an effective way to refresh out teaching and give new vision to the process of discovery for our students. Daniel Reynaud shares his journey and experience of researching in a teacher-focused Adventist college.

September 27


The Biblical Foundation Course Design Map

Chris Hansen

A large portion of the Biblical Foundation Course Design Model, taught during Summer Institute, rests on the Course Concept Map. During this Showcase, Chris Hansen will describe the role the Concept Map will play in his General Physics course along with the student response to his biblical concept. He will also share how he intends to implement the biblical concept throughout the semester.

Following God's Calling in Our Life

Melissa Moore

Each of us has a different role in this life and God must reveal to us what our calling is. For Melissa Moore stepping into that calling has been quite a journey. During this Showcase she will share how she discovered her calling; and how her natural gifts and talents have been used, alongside the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, to fulfill her calling, career and vocation.

October 11



Teaching from a Biblical Foundation Concept Map

Barry Tryon

How can a simple concept map bring together all aspects a course? Barry Tryon will share his experiences of designing his Christian Spirituality course under the concept of "relationship". Student reactions to the course design, and the use of the concept map, will also be highlighted.

Engaging Modern Learners

Natalia Lopez-Thismon

Research continues to emphasize that more than ever, today's university students learn best when they are engaged. Natalia Lopez-Thismon, a millennial herself, plans to implement both active learning techniques and social media in her classes this year. Her passion is contagious and you will want to hear her ideas and experiences as she shares some of her planned activities.

October 25


Smart phones in the Classroom?

Felicia Phillips

What to do about cell phones? Can you really take them out of the classroom? Or, should you embrace the technology and learn to use it as a learning tool? Felicia Phillips, an adjunct Religion teacher, wrestled with those questions and more. She decided to use them as a learning tool for "mini investigations". Felicia will share her experiences when using cellphones and other active learning techniques specifically used to keep her students engaged in the academic content.

Using PowerPoint Notes

Julie Hyde

Do you use PowerPoint for your classes? You will be interested in hearing how Julie Hyde makes notes from her slides to help students follow along during class. She will share both the pedagogy and the instructions on how to create the document she shares.

November 8

Comparing Flipped and Traditional Classes

Adam Heck

During the Winter Semester of 2017, Adam Heck taught four sections of statistics. Two of the sections were taught in a flipped format and two were taught in a traditional lecture format. At the Midterm break, all four sections flipped teaching modalities. In this presentation, Adam will share some of the results on exams and end of semester surveys and discuss some of the possible reasoning behind the results.

Community Service & Service-Learning

Jennifer Carter

This week Jennifer Carter will be sharing the changes she has implemented in the program and her approach to Community Service and Service-Learning and how we can all use these service experiences to empower our students to find their career calling and getting a job after graduation.

January 10


Biblical Foundations for Face-2-Face & Online Courses

Beckie Retzer

Do you need to think differently about the Biblical Foundations of a course when building an online version versus a face-2-face version? Beckie Retzer has done both and in this Showcase she will talk about the differences she encountered, what she did, and what changes she would make next time.

Future Showcases

Cynthia Gettys
Discussion of what to include in future Showcases

January 24


Incorporating Active Learning

Ed Lowe

Using the Jigsaw Technique, Ed Lowe will showcase how he uses this active learning technique to help students engage in discussion who might otherwise wish not to do so in a larger setting. Ed will also share a second technique he uses--short video clips pertinent to the day's discussion to enhance the learning objectives. He believes the back-and-forth between lecture and video clip, as well as the Jigsaw Active Learning Technique, help to sustain students' attention and motivation.

One Faculty's Journey into Incorporating More Active Teaching and Learning

Robert Ordóñez

A Chinese proverb says, "A thousand teachers, a thousand methods." In this Showcase, Robert Ordóñez will share tips for using and student responses to some of the active pedagogical techniques he has been incorporating into his teaching.

January 31


To be announced

Mindy Jamieson


Online & Face-2-Face Student Collaboration

Tina Camba

We've received requests for learning new approaches to incorporate active learning in the online classroom. Tina Camba will help fill the request as she shares some active learning techniques she uses to involve the online student with the face-2-face student.

February 14

Stunning Lessons from the Class Worship Time

Pierre Nzokizwa

Originally, the connection of Pierre Nzokizwa's French courses to a Biblical perspective was not that obvious. However, after understanding the Millennials' need for rationale and engagement, Pierre made the connection more explicit. He received even better results when he had his intermediate students' research elements of the Biblical Foundation Course Concept Map and then share their findings during daily class worships. He will share his process and the results during this Showcase.

An Army of Workers

Tammy Overstreet

When your personal mission is to teach from a biblical foundation and to win souls for God's kingdom, how can your work as a professor reflect that mission? What if you never even get to meet your students in person—as in an Online class? What if you teach large F2F classes, which can limit the interaction you can have with students, in the classroom? What about the students who are too shy or intimidated to interact, even in smaller classes—how do reach them spiritually? Tammy Overstreet will tell how she seeks to attain this mission in these types of situations; she will share examples from her class and others, which show this mission is possible—regardless of the teaching situation.

February 28


The Nine Commandments for Classroom Devotionals

Greg King

Are you stuck in a rut in regards to class worships? Do you hear other faculty talking about the worships they give in class but you don't quite know what to do? Perhaps you want to better connect the worships to the course content. If you would like your class worships to be impactful, but you find yourself just grabbing a devotional book at the last minute to read aloud—then, this Showcase is for you! Greg King shares some excellent ideas as he identifies principles for improving the worships you give in class.

Can a Biblical Foundation and Accrediting Standards Coexist?

Christopher Stewart

Has your department struggled with designing courses using Southern's focus on teaching from a biblical foundation and connecting that with an external accreditor's list of standards? In this showcase,
Christopher Stewart will share the process he uses to build his Physical Therapist Assistant courses starting with Southern's Biblical Foundation Course Design Model and combining the national accreditation standards for his industry.

March 14

Cultivating Thinking in the Classroom

Mindy Jamieson

In a world that is full of constant distractions, gargantuan to-do lists, and the hum of multimedia, we are continuously task-switching. It is difficult to cut out distractions; but research shows that students have a higher capacity for learning when quality of attention is brought to the task, and not just quantity of time. Mindy Jamieson will share some helpful techniques to cultivate focus, emphasis, and deeper thinking in the classroom.

Showing the Big Picture

Carol Raney

Research has shown that today's visual learners benefit from and improve learning while listening to a lecture, when professors use graphics. Carol Raney will share how she promotes learning by using a Big Picture Graphic for students to organize and remember content, in her Intro to Education class.

March 28

Insights from Soliciting Student Feedback

Nina Nelson

Knowing how important feedback is to the success of both the students and the professor, Nina Nelson determined to be intentional about asking for more and specific feedback from students this year. Nina will share the process she undertook & highlight several specific techniques she used.

Practical Application for Student Learning

Mike Boyd

How much benefit do the students actually get from working with "clients" prior to their certification exam? When are they actually ready to work with clients? Mike Boyd will answer these questions and more as he shares how he incorporates practical application through student Personal Trainers in the PETH 325 class.

April 11


The Progressive Quiz Technique

Ronda Christman

Are you tired of students getting to class late or coming back from a break late? Here is a progressive solution for you! Come and learn how Ronda Christman provides a creative incentive for students to be where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there!

Who's Who?

Rodney Bussey

April 25


Students Breath and Digest the Jigsaw!

Rick Norskov, Daniel Olson, Shaina Mercer, Kimberly Miller

After introduction to the Jigsaw active learning technique and realizing its value, Rick Norskov and fellow professors incorporated it into their Anatomy and Physiology II lab. In this Faculty Showcase, he will describe their experience this past semester: what they did, and how they did it. He will also share some of the student feedback and display student photos and their drawings from this Jigsaw learning technique. Calling, Career, and Vocation. This last Showcase of the year will report on the Calling and Career grass roots group on campus. What began as a faculty only study group in 2015 has now incorporated staff members in this monthly gathering. Their goal - to talk about their calling and career journey so they may help students discover their own calling. Hear portions of career journey stories from all.