2021-2022 Presentations

Faculty Development 2021-2022
For the 2021-2022 academic year, Southern’s CTE-BFFL will offer interactive faculty development workshop luncheons every Wednesday in the PBR.  These sessions will cover four primary areas: pedagogy, faculty showcase, Techbytes, and worldview. All faculty are invited to attend these workshops.  A complimentary lunch will be served to all faculty who are in attendance. 

Faculty Pedagogy Practices: Sessions for faculty development to promote the exploration and experimentation with research-based practices that foster student academic engagement, learning, and success.

Faculty Showcases: Sessions for faculty development with a focus on incorporating biblical foundations of faith and learning and an Adventist Biblical Christian worldview.

Techbytes: Sessions for faculty with a focus on enhancing technology skills.

Worldview: Sessions for faculty development in worldview to facilitate the examination of worldviews and how they affect every thought and action.