Developing Leadership Skills

Emotional Intelligence and CliftonStrengths Training

Students’ ability to learn has deep roots in relationships. Our learning performance may
be deeply affected by the emotional environment in which the learning takes place.
Dr. John Medina


We are all called to appreciate our own uniqueness. God knew you as He carefully designed you with much love and care; designed with a purpose. The blueprints you were created with are similar to other human beings but no two of us are exactly the same. God planned our lives before the foundations of the world were laid (Ephesians 1:4). He had a perfect plan for each of us, which included how He created us with talents, personalities, and bodies. Each of us is a very special and unique person with an incredible skill-set that will affect so many lives. 

"Using Your Strengths to Build Your emotional Intelligence in Higher Education" is a professional development opportunity offered by the Center for Teaching Excellence and Biblical Foundations to all full-time and adjunct faculty and staff. It is a 4-session leadership training on developing your emotional intelligence in a higher education environment through your identified strengths. Participants will have an opportunity to take the MSCEIT (Emotional Intelligence test developed by Yale) and the CliftonStrengths Assessment to identify your 34 strengths. This professional growth opportunity will help you grow personally and professionally! 

CertificateOnce you complete the training, you will be presented a Certificate of Completion for your records.

Please know that it is a true privilege to be a part of this journey with you.  I count it a privilege to have the opportunity to know you better professionally and personally. I want nothing but the best for each of you and if I can ever play a role in helping you grow, please reach out… I am so thrilled to serve. 

Remember To:

1.   Practice Observing How You Feel. 

2.   Pay Attention to How You Behave. 

3.   Take Responsibility for Your Feelings and Behavior. 

4.   Practice Responding, Rather than Reacting.

5.   Practice Empathizing with Yourself and Others. 

6.   Create A Positive Environment.
7.   Remember EI is a Lifetime Process.


Training Materials

 1. General Overview 

 pdf  Articles:

• Recognizing emotional intelligence in professional standards for teaching»

• How emotionally intelligent are pre-service teachers?»

• Emotional Intelligence a Therapy for Higher Education Students»

• Can Emotional Competence Be Taught in Higher Education?»

• Emotional Intelligence in Christian Higher Education»
• Using a Strengths-Based Approach to Retain College Students»

  url   Activities - How to Grow Your EI»


2. Perceiving Emotions and Personal MSCEIT & CliftonStrengths

Ability to accurately identify emotions of people. Used for "reading" people's mood for feedback.

icon Session 1: Emotional Intelligence & CliftonStrengths [Panopto Recording]»

powerpoint  Introduction and Perceiving Emotions [PowerPoint]»

pdf  Articles:

• Context in Emotion Perception»

• The Body Language»

 link  Ways to Increase Your Perception Ability» download

3. Using Emotions

Ability to use emotions and solve problems with the emotion. Used for creating the right feeling to assist in problem solving, communicate a vision, and/or lead people.

icon Session 2: Using Emotions [Session Recording]»

ppt  Using Emotions [PowerPoint]»

4. Understanding Emotions

Ability to understand the causes of emotion. Used for "predicting" how people will emotionally react.

icon  Session 3: Understanding Emotions [Session Recording]»

ppt  Understanding Emotions [PowerPoint]»

 icon  3 Ways to Better Understand Your Emotions»

5. Managing Emotions

Ability to be open to emotions and fuse emotions with thinking. Used for integrating emotion and thought to make effective decisions.

icon   Session 4: Managing Emotions [Panopto Recording]»

6. Clifton Strengths

pdf  Articles:

• The Principles of Strengths-Based Education»

• A Technical Report on the Clifton StrengthsFinder with College Students»

icon  Additional Materials:

• CliftonStrengths brief descriptions»

• CliftonStrengths Domains»

• Talents' Strengths and Pitfalls»

7. Equipped for Service

     How to better apply your strenghts into service.

        icon   Session  05: Equipped for Service [Panopto Recording]