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In case of a repair emergency, call Plant Services 24/7 at 423.236.2919.

Repair Request

Fill out a Repair Request and leave the GL and CIP fields blank. Your request will be entered into our database and prioritized.
Once you create a request a window will open with a number in it. Record the number and refer to it when contacting us to check on your request.

Repair Request

Housing Repairs

  • If living in Spalding Cove or Laumere Court Apartments, repair requests should be directed here.
  • If living in Upper Stateside buildings (Kentucky, Mississippi, and Virginia), repair requests should be directed here.
  • If you live Talge, Thatcher, Thatcher South, or Southern Village, repair request should be directed to Talge Maintenance.

Campus Building Repairs

Refer to Repair Requests